An Architect Of Biden’s Antitrust Push Is Leaving The White House

Tim Wu has been a leading proponent of a more aggressive approach to reining in the power of big business.

7 People Who’ll Likely Drive Biden’s Tech Policy

While the Biden administration has been slow to appoint the key decisionmakers at agencies overseeing technology issues, a handful of people are on the inside track to lead them. By and large, these likely appointees do not have direct ties to Big Tech companies and have advocated for tougher measures against the industry. Many also previously served in the Obama administration and fall in the progressive camp.

Net Neutrality Advocate Tim Wu Joining Biden Administration

The Biden administration has tapped Columbia University law professor Tim Wu — known both as a leading critic of Silicon Valley and a prominent net neutrality proponent — to serve on the National Economic Council. Wu — who coined the term “net neutrality” almost 20 years ago — will advise the administration on technology and competition policy. He previously worked in the Obama administration, as well as for the Federal Trade Commission, and the New York Attorney General.


Tim Wu to Address NAB Show Tech Luncheon

The best-selling author is slated to discuss technology and cultural trends as well as the evolution of the internet.