CES 2016

Burke: DVRs, Time Shifting Impact TV Most

Stephen Burke, chief executive officer of NBCUniversal, worries about the future of cable networks that air heavy schedules of rerun programming. Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show here on Thursday, Burke said: “If you carry a show on cable that’s a rerun, it’s hard to maintain the same ratings” when you have many other media content choices.

What’s Hot With Kids: Time-Shifting TV

TV schedules don’t mean much to kids these days. An increasing amount of their TV time is devoted to time-shifted viewing, whether that’s via DVR’d programs or video on demand. That’s according to a new report from Nielsen on kids’ TV viewing habits, which suggests time-shifted TV is cannibalizing traditional TV time among teens. Among younger kids, time-shifting is increasing, though traditional TV time remains steady.

Broadcast TV Nets Benefit From Time-Shifting

Incorporating seven days of program viewing data for selling metrics to TV advertisers, broadcast networks continue to see growth in time-shifting for their top shows.