The Media World According To Wolzien

Media consultant and entrepreneur Tom Wolzien presents the Big Picture on TV, mobile, movies, advertising, OTT, privacy and social media with a close-up look at Facebook. By putting content on Facebook, media companies may be cannibalizing their existing businesses. “So there is increasing concern of … call it disintermediation without offsetting monetization.” The presentation was created for the entertainment bar in Los Angeles.

Wolzien Gets Patent For Caller-Based Talk TV

TV veteran Tom Wolzien’s Video Call center differs from from ordinary approaches to viewer or field reporter call-ins to live programming is that the host — not a producer running a traditional production switcher —  runs the show, choosing which and how many Skype callers to put on air.

Patent Clears Way For Caller-Based Talk TV

Inventor Tom Wolzien just received the patent for his Skype-based Video Call Center technology, which means he can roll it out to TV or Web providers who want to offer an affordable video version of talk radio.