Free Press Needs Transparency, Security After Capitol Attack

NAB President Gordon Smith: “The work of the press to keep the American public informed during these dark times has been admirable, valuable and — because of an unacceptable and alarming lack of information provided by law enforcement officials — necessary. It is imperative that law enforcement not only address the American people about the possibility of danger in the days ahead, but also provide security briefings to news media to help keep journalists safe while reporting from the field.”

Netflix To Rank Popularity Of Its Shows

Netflix Inc., which has been tight-lipped about the popularity of its shows and movies, is taking another step toward transparency. A new feature on the streaming service will show its top 10 most popular programs and movies, updated daily. Netflix has been testing the approach for about six months in Mexico and the U.K., the company said on Monday.

Testing Transparency Reporting

“Trust me.” That probably didn’t work with your high school math teacher, who typically required you to “show your work.” Journalists wanting to improve trust with the audience could apply the same logic. This question of how to build trust in reporting led to a transparency experiment here at Cronkite News at ASU called “Full Circle,” which documented the process of putting the story together. Here’s what viewers had to say.

FCC Takes First Big Step Toward Adopting 3.0

The commission releases a draft of its proposal for authorizing the voluntary deployment of the Next Gen standard, prior to the vote set for Feb. 23. The action is the first part of a new pilot program announced today by Chariman Ajit Pai to increase agency transparency by making documents public prior to voting by the full commission.

RTDNA Calls For Transparency Question At Debates

4As Steps Up Transparency Efforts

In an effort to put more teeth into its so-called media “transparency” initiatives, the 4As is calling on its members to put the association’s principles into practice, not just treat them as recommendations for best practices. In addition, the 4As unveiled plans to conduct a series of member meetings to discuss how to put the principles into practice.

White House To Meet With Journos On Transparency

House Gets Heated Over FCC Transparency

It got more than a little tense during a House hearing on FCC transparency even though both Republicans and Democrats had offered up bills to make the agency more open and accountable to the public.

FCC’s O’Rielly Wants More Transparency

Commissioner Michael O’Rielly in a blog post pushed back on a number of objections to publicly releasing the text of items at the same time they are circulated internally. O’Rielly has been pushing for a change since last August. Congress might need to act, he said, if the FCC does not make the change on its own.