TV Usage Hits Plateau In Week Of March 30

Total TV usage, driven higher as people stayed home from work and school to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, dipped 2% in the week of March 30, according to new figures from Nielsen. The week’s usage was still up 26% from the first full weeks of March and the second highest over the last five weeks.

Online Nearly Matches TV In Daily Usage

Internet advertising dollars still have a ways to go before they match television advertising. But in terms of the time people spend with the Internet and television, digital has almost caught up. A new study from research and consulting firm Temkin Group finds that people spend nearly as much time online as they do watching television, long the dominant medium.

Nielsen: People Getting TV In New Ways

Three-quarters of the estimated 5 million homes that don’t get TV signals over the airways or through cable, satellite or telecommunications companies have televisions anyway, according to the media research firm. Many of these homes are satisfied to use their TVs for games or get programming through DVDs or services like Netflix or Apple TV.