For Kids Upfront, A New Media Boom

New technology such as gaming consoles and online video have been blamed for a recent decline in ratings for children’s television. But in an odd quirk, they’re also proving to be a lucrative ad category for kid-focused networks. The kids’ upfront wrapped up last month with total sales about the same as last year at around $1 billion.


Buyers: This Will Be A Ho-Hum Upfront

Asked to predict how total broadcast sales will compare to 2012, when the Big Five English-language networks sold $9.1 billion in inventory, the largest share of media buyers participating in a Media Life survey, 27% predicted a paltry 2% gain over last year. Nearly as many, 25% predicted that the tally will be down from last year, anywhere from 1% to 4%.


Media Buyers’ Guide To Broadcast Upfronts


Research Prominent At Upfront Events

In a sign of how much advertiser hunger to demonstrate ROI and follow consumers to new platforms has increased, research in many forms seems to be increasingly finding its way into network recruitment. The importance of getting a currency in place with a single aggregated rating soon might be a benefit to Nielsen.


Five Questions For CBS As Upfront Nears

The biggest question CBS faces heading into its May 15 upfront presentation is how long ratings for aging shows like NCIS, Survivor, CSI, The Amazing Race and Two and a Half Men will hold up. All have aired for at least 10 seasons.


Signals Weak For Television Ad Market

Broadcast television ratings have dropped sharply this season. And that, combined with the weak economy and competition from other media, augurs badly for the spring ad sales market, ad buyers and analysts say. Some of them are predicting that the broadcast networks’ take will be steady to slightly lower in the so-called upfront, the annual bazaar in which TV executives pitch their new shows for the coming season.