VidAngel Rebrands As Crowdfunded ‘Angel Studios’

VidAngel Files To Emerge From Bankruptcy

VidAngel, which provides edited versions — no nudity, “unwanted” language, violence — of video content streamed on Netflix and Amazon Prime, said its trustee in bankruptcy has filed a reorganization plan.

VidAngel Must Pay Studios $62.4M

A California jury Monday ordered the Provo-based VidAngel to pay $62.4 million to four Hollywood studios, for violating the studios’ copyrights by streaming filtered versions of their movies into customers’ homes.

VidAngel Files For Bankruptcy Amid Legal Battle

VidAngel Turns To Utah Court For Relief

Having suffered a string of legal defeats, VidAngel is hoping to have better luck in a Utah courtroom. On Thursday, VidAngel brought a lawsuit against a host of entertainment companies and is seeking declaratory relief that its streaming service that filters profanity, sex, violence and more from movies is permissible by law.

Appeals Court Upholds VidAngel Injunction

VidAngel, the self-touted family-friendly technology service that burst onto the Hollywood scene with a plan to clean up filthy language, nudity and violence from films and television shows, has suffered yet another blow. On Thursday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed an injunction in a copyright lawsuit brought by Disney, Fox and Warner Bros.

VidAngel Returns With New Streaming Model

As of Tuesday, VidAngel, the filtering service earlier shut down by the court, is back as a revised streaming service that works in tandem with conventional movie and TV streaming services like Amazon and Netflix.

VidAngel Fight Moves To Appeals Court

VidAngel has turned to the Court of Appeals in its legal battle with Disney, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm, requesting an emergency stay that would let it get back in the business of  allowlng users to filter language, nudity, violence and other content from movies and TV shows.

VidAngel Launching Family-Friendly Content Arm

Disney, Warner Bros. Get VidAngel Shut Down

Disney, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm have successfully blocked VidAngel, a TVOD service that edits out adult content, from showing their films.  A California Federal Judge has granted Disney’s request for a preliminary injunction against VidAngel pending trial.