Women’s Sports Looking Strong for Advertisers, Samba TV Says

Advertisers looking to reach a growing younger, diverse and high-income audience should be taking a look at women’s sports, according to a new report from Samba TV. Samba points to an 81% ratings increase for the March Madness of the women’s college basketball champions, a 171% jump for the WNBA Finals and the National Women’s Soccer League championship growing 453%.

PHF Strikes Women’s Hockey Streaming Deal With ESPN+

NEW YORK (AP) — The Premier Hockey Federation has reached an agreement to make ESPN+ the exclusive home for watching games in this U.S. this season, a major step forward […]

Women’s College Sports Get Boost In TV Ratings, Visibility

Coverage of Division I women’s sports has been in a particularly bright spotlight in 2021 and the record-setting Women’s College World Series was just the latest example of growing interest — and growing demands for a more equitable playing field when compared with men’s events.


In A Secret Deal, The NCAA Sold Out Women’s Sports

Sally Jenkins: “Someone on Capitol Hill, please explain why the dystopian, reform-resistant NCAA should get one more dime or tax favor from an American electorate that is more than half female. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) has remarked that we need to recognize the NCAA ‘for the civil rights issue that it is,” a system in which “80 to 90 percent of the adults who are getting rich off college athletics are White men.’ While we’re at it, let’s recognize how it uses and demeans women.”