Two CBS Stations Changing Calls To Remove ‘CW’ Letters

WPCW in Pittsburgh, which ostensibly is meant to stand for “Pittsburgh’s CW,” will change to WPKD on Sept. 1, according to a July 18 FCC filing. In this case, it appears the new call is meant to incorporate the “KD” from KDKA, the CBS O&O in the market. The two stations are both owned and operated by the CBS Television Stations division. In addition, CBS filed to change KBCW San Francisco to KPYX on the same date. KBCW could be seen as standing for “Bay Area’s CW” and the new calls, KPYX, appear to be an attempt aT an alternate spelling of KPIX, the CBS O&O in the market.

Eight CBS Stations To Ditch CW And Go Independent This Fall

The CW is about to lose eight important affiliates: the CBS owned and operated stations that are currently affiliated with the Nexstar-owned network will become independent in September. The  stations are WPSG Philadelphia, WUPA Atlanta, KBCW San Francisco, KSTW Seattle, WTOG Tampa-St. Petersburg, WKBD Detroit, KMAX Sacramento and WPCW Pittsburgh. This will give the CBS stations group 14 CBS Television Network stations and 13 independents.

Shawn Hoder Named News Director At KDKA-WPCW Pittsburgh

He is moving from assistant ND at WTSP Tampa to succeed Kathy Hostetter as head of journalism at the CBS Pittsburgh duopoly.


CBS Names Chris Cotugno GM In Pittsburgh

He is succeeding Jay Howell as head of KDKA (CBS), WPCW (CW), and CBSN Pittsburgh.


Jay Howell Named KCBS-KCAL President-GM

The long-time TV station exec is moving from CBS-owned KDKA-WPCW in Pittsburgh to succeed the retiring Steve Mauldin as head of the group’s Los Angeles duopoly.