Comcast Xfinity Data Breach Affects Over 35 Million People

A Citrix vulnerability was exploited, leaking names, contact information, partial social security numbers, and birth dates.

AXS-TV Gets Expanded Carriage On Comcast’s Xfinity

Comcast Raising Prices On Xfinity Broadband Plans

Most customers will see their bills go up by $3, including those on promotional contracts.

Comcast Offers A Week Of Streaming Freebies To Xfinity Video Subscribers

Comcast announced that subscribers to its Xfinity X1, Flex and Stream services get a week of free viewing — from Nov. 22 through Nov. 28 — of “thousands of shows and movies” from such services as HBO Max, Amazon’s Prime Video, Showtime, AMC+ and more. Note that “thousands of” doesn’t mean “all of,” as the no-charge menu Xfinity is offering often only includes select series or particular seasons.

Local Now Launches On Xfinity X1 And Xfinity Flex

Allen Media Group’s Local Now streaming app is now available over the Internet to Comcast’s Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex customers. As Local Now continues to expand its national reach and depth of programming, this launch enables X1 and Flex customers to […]

Epix, Comcast Set Carriage Deal For Xfinity

MGM-owned Epix has reached an expanded carriage deal with Comcast that will extend the premium network’s reach by adding it to the provider’s premium channel package.

Fox Nation Now Available On Comcast’s Xfinity

Comcast Builds Out ‘Smart-Home’ Strategy

Comcast may be best known as a cable company, but it is banking on remote-controlled door locks and cameras as well as other “smart-home” offerings to accelerate its growing home security business. The push to diversify comes at a time when more U.S. consumers who are dropping traditional cable television packages, or cutting the cord, in favor of cheaper alternatives. Comcast and its rivals want to offer more services in the home to increase their revenues and create more loyal customers.

FX Nets, Xfinity Add Another Ad-Free Option

For those existing Xfinity TV customers who pay $5.99 for a monthly upgrade, they can get FX+, a commercial-free option of FX Networks: FX and FXX. It will be available Sept. 5.

Comcast To Add YouTube App To Xfinity Platform


Comcast’s Xfinity Ad Makes Grandparents Heroes

Comcast Ups Push Of Ad-Supported VOD

The No. 1 cable company says that it has overcome its biggest obstacle: its inability to provide up-to-date commercials in older episodes of TV series. Since advertisers wouldn’t pay for viewers watching obsolete spots, the networks providing the shows couldn’t profit from VOD users who wanted to catch up with a series. But on Sunday Comcast said that it’s teaming with Nielsen to test a product for its Xfinity platform that it calls On Demand Commercial Ratings (ODCR)

NBCU To Showcase TV Shows On Twitter

Comcast engineers created a new feature called “See It” that will be made available to millions of Xfinity customers. Beginning in November, the feature will allow audiences to access TV shows, movies and sports directly from a tweet. In a customer’s news feed will be the option to click the “See It” button and access live television, set a DVR, enable a reminder or buy theater tickets through Fandango.

Xfinity Rebranding Raises Doubts Among Experts


Comcast To Link Xfinity To The Cloud

On Thursday at the NCTA conference in Chicago, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts unveiled the latest generation of the Philadelphia cable giant’s Xfinity TV system, which includes applications to connect viewers via the cloud to their Facebook page, traffic and weather reports and Pandora Internet radio.

Xfinity 3D Cable Channel Launching Sunday

Comcast’s latest 3D channel, Xfinity 3D, is set to launch on Sunday. Programming will focus on concerts, sporting events, movies and original content.