Networks turn spotlight on frontline workers, first-person stories

With Frontliners TV and four other connected TV networks, PiZetta Media has built a stable of programming focused on “first-person stories of everyday heroism” from nurses, firefighters, police officers and soldiers. All five are available as free advertiser supported connected TV channels, with an eye toward expanded distribution powered by NextGen TV.

A medical technician shares her day responding to emergencies throughout her South Carolina community. A retired police officer builds an organization to help troubled youth migrate from the juvenile justice system to successful paths in the community. A female plumber educates viewers with her skills in hopes others will understand her trade.

These are just some of the personal stories profiled on the new Frontliners TV, a network from PiZetta Media that spotlights real stories about healthcare workers, firefighters, police officers, teachers and soldiers.

“We focus on first-person stories of everyday heroism,” says Mike VanZetta, a veteran of local TV who launched the channel with his wife, a frontliner who had grown up in a military family and built a career as an elementary school teacher.

picture of school teacher

Teachers, fire fighters, soldiers and police officers star on Frontliners TV and three of the other five PiZetta Media channels.

“I spent over 15 years learning and researching about the future of broadcast and digital media,” he says. “Thanks to technology and the evolution of connected TV, I realized that there are new ways to get more voices out there on television. That led us to telling untold stories of the heroes on the front lines around the world.”

Frontliners TV combines original production with user generated content and public domain videos, some of it produced by hospitals and other employers.


The goal, Mike VanZetta says, “is content that tells stories in a way that is quick, compelling and authentic.”

In addition to Frontliners TV, PiZetta Media offers four other channels:

Zoo Animal Antics

A behind-the-scenes look at zoo animals, with a focus on conservation and what zoos worldwide are doing to keep animals happy and healthy.

Valor TV

All about the U.S. armed forces, this network offers an In-depth look at military personnel.

Medic TV

Medical news and headlines straight from community hospitals.

Dispatch Network

A behind-the-scenes look at fire and police departments from around the world and in local communities.

Picture of Bears in a Zoo

The VanZettas also have their eye on NextGen TV, and the lineups of connected TV networks station groups will be offering in their broadcast apps. “In 2015, I started researching ATSC 3.0,” Mike VanZetta says. “I saw that this amazing technology was going to open doors to have more channels out there and more voices heard.”

One of the main goals of PiZetta Media is not only to tell stories, but to give back as well. Mike and Jen plan to donate a portion of their proceeds to the non-profit organizations, zoos, hospitals, military groups and other contributors to their channels.

To learn more about Frontliners TV and the rest of the PiZetta Media linup, please contact Michael VanZetta, CEO & co-founder, (571)-278-1005, or email [email protected].

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