Ikan Unveils LBX8-POE And LBX10-POE LED Lights

Ikan, a provider of professional lighting solutions, has launched its Power over Ethernet (PoE) line of lighting products, the LBX8-POE and LBX10-POE.

The LBX8-POE and LBX10-POE are designed to be powered using a single Ethernet cable (Cat6 RJ45 24AWG or better). This “eliminates the need for additional wiring or power outlets, significantly saving time and reducing installation costs. Obtaining permits or hiring electricians for new ceiling outlets is now a thing of the past,” the company says.

Both models support the IEEE 802.3bt Type 4 PoE++ standard, ensuring efficient power delivery over the Ethernet network. This advanced technology “not only simplifies the installation process, it also promotes a cleaner and more organized workspace,” Ikan says.

“These lights are a game-changer for professional broadcast lighting,” said James Tian, Ikan CEO. “The LBX8-POE and LBX10-POE represent our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that are not only technically advanced but also practical and installation-friendly.”

The LBX8-POE and LBX10-POE “are not just about convenience but also about superior lighting quality,” Ikan says. “Equipped with 97 CRI LED chips and a soft panel, these lights emit a gentle, wraparound light. The generous 110-degree beam angle ensures ample coverage, providing even and consistent lighting. This quality of light creates artifact-free shadows, making it perfect for a wide range of lighting productions.

“Versatility is a key feature of the LBX8-POE and LBX10-POE. With a color temperature range spanning from 3200K to 5600K, these lights can adapt to various lighting environments, making them ideal for professional studios, conference rooms, classrooms, on-location shoots, and various other spaces.” In addition, the LBX8-POE is designed for spaces with low-ceiling clearance.


James Cartner of FX Design, says: “We had an amazing opportunity to utilize Ikan’s new low-profile LBX8 PoE fixtures to retrofit a classroom with drop-ceiling. The room had limited height and no existing power in the ceiling. Ikan’s PoE lights not only made the installation possible, but lit the room beautifully.”

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