NAB Show NY: Witbe To Highlight Updated Automated Testing And Monitoring Tech

At the 2022 NAB Show New York (Oct. 19-20, Javits Center), Witbe will showcase its technology for automated testing and proactive monitoring, including the company’s recently updated Remote Eye Controller (REC) application, its complete lineup of Witbox products, and plenty more. At the company’s booth (1627), Witbe will highlight how its technology allows streaming video providers to measure and improve the quality of experience (QoE) their customers receive.

“We are excited to be in person on the show floor at the 2022 NAB Show New York, just a few blocks away from our Manhattan office,” said Mathieu Planche, CEO of Witbe. “Witbe’s automated testing and proactive monitoring technology has been helping the digital content distribution market improve and expand for over 20 years. At the show, we’ll be demonstrating how our latest software and hardware helps video service providers deliver the best quality possible.”

During the show, Witbe will focus on the many ways the company’s technology can help streaming video companies and digital service providers. Some of the most popular use cases for Witbe’s technology include:

  • Remote Device Access: Teams can remotely access their test devices from anywhere in the world, removing the need for engineers to travel thousands of miles to test specific devices in the field.
  • QA Test Automation: Witbe’s automated testing can run simultaneous tests 24/7 without ever needing a break, allowing Quality Assurance teams to cover the endurance, stress, and performance testing that cannot be performed manually.
  • Video Service Monitoring: Video Operations teams receive real-time alerts whenever their video stream quality dips or gets interrupted. The alerts even include video traces to quickly identify the issue.
  • VOD Asset Checking: Witbe’s technology can help content providers by testing that every asset in their video-on-demand library is available and can be watched on any device and platform with all the intended features, including subtitles or different audio tracks.

Witbe Highlights At The 2022 NAB Show New York

  • It will showcase the latest version of its REC application. While the REC has previously enabled teams to access and control their test devices from anywhere in the world, it requires a computer application. This new version, now running on any modern web browser, bolsters these capabilities by allowing users to control their devices on laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more. It also builds on previous versions with improved latency, a stronger search, and native full-screen and picture-in-picture modes. In addition, Witbe will highlight the integration of the REC’s popular Mosaic view into the web version for the first time.
  • Witbe’s Witbox houses the company’s automated testing and monitoring technology in a compact, accessible package. The complete lineup of Witbox products will be on display at the 2022 NAB Show New York, which includes the flagship WitboxOne for video streaming testing, the powerful Witbox+ for large team scalability, and the distinct WitboxNet for web testing.
  • Witbe will present its lineup of Witbe Cloud products that “delivers all the power users expect from Witbe’s technology without the need for extra counter or rack space. With Witbe Cloud, companies enjoy dedicated, secure remote access to any physical testing device deployed wherever needed. With Witbe Cloud OnDemand, users can even rent access to the same robust testing and monitoring technology for short periods of time.”

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