NAB Show: Triveni Digital To Show GuideBuilder XM Guest Station Edition For ATSC 3.0 Broadcasts

Triveni Digital today launched GuideBuilder XM Guest Station Edition, a management solution for broadcasters in an ATSC 3.0 channel-sharing environment. The new offering empowers ATSC 3.0 guest stations to have full control over their allotted ATSC 3.0 bandwidth — independent from the host station — to optimize video quality, digital rights management, and the delivery of revenue-generating services such as datacasting.

“Prior to this version of GuideBuilder, guest stations had to work directly with the host station to configure their ATSC 3.0 services, which was more time consuming,” said Ralph Bachofen, Triveni Digital VP of sales and marketing. “With the guest station edition of GuideBuilder XM, we’re drastically simplifying ATSC 3.0 operations, enabling NEXTGEN TV guest stations to have total control over their own destiny within a channel sharing ecosystem.”

The latest edition of GuideBuilder XM allows guest stations to manage input listing services and outputs via a direct Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) of a DSTP link to the host station’s Broadcast Gateway or third-party scheduler. Ultimately, the company says, “the solution offers guest stations within an ATSC 3.0 ecosystem greater autonomy and control over broadcast operations while ensuring compatibility and coordination with the primary lighthouse station’s infrastructure.

“Offering a seamless migration path, GuideBuilder XM Guest Station Edition is a simple, cost-effective solution for station management that allows guest stations to easily upgrade to a full GuideBuilder XM during their transition to ATSC 3.0. An evolution of Triveni Digital’s GuideBuilder XM transport encoder, it is an essential solution for ATSC 3.0 broadcasting and channel sharing.”

Triveni Digital will showcase the new GuideBuilder XM Guest Station Edition and other ATSC 3.0 innovations at the NAB Show in Las Vegas (April 14-17), Booth W3051.

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