OTTera And Spideo Form Strategic Partnership

Drawing from years of cooperation with top tier video platforms (Sky, Canal+, Altice, Claro), Spideo says its product is guided by a key principle: “In the entertainment world, explanations matter as much as recommendations.” Spideo says its technology “provides insights into the rationale behind Artificial Intelligence using semantics and natural language to ensure that content suggestions are constantly explainable, trustworthy and personally relevant.”

OTTera will use Spideo to cover a variety of use cases:

  • Improve the discoverability of titles among on-demand catalogs.
  • Qualify viewers according to their moods and build clusters of audiences that share common topics of interest.
  • Automate the creation of relevant channels for qualified audiences.

Spideo services many large publishers and organizations relying on their semantic enrichment and categorization services to help characterize their libraries. Craig McEldowney, OTTera CTO/co-founder, says this “makes for an exciting intersection point with OTTera. This collaboration will help brands to surface their content in engaging ways, via our OTT applications and FAST channels, and offer operational efficiencies to some of the resource intensive tasks of curating, categorizing, and strategically positioning content.”

Thibault Dorso, Spideo  chief revenue officer/co-founder, added: “OTTera’s positioning as a partner, from content distribution to monetization, is a fantastic opportunity for Spideo to demonstrate our ability to create value at every step of the value chain, from content to audience management.”

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