Rohde & Schwarz Offering State-of-the-Art Transmitter Training

Rohde & Schwarz USA, Inc., manufacturers of test and measurement, secure communications, monitoring and network testing, and broadcasting equipment, is offering customers two free seats at their THU9 Operation and Maintenance Transmitter Training with a purchase of a THU9 Transmitter. The two-day course is held several times a month and led by transmitter expert Glen Hurst at the Rohde & Schwarz U.S. Headquarters in Columbia, MD. According to a company press release, “Participants of this training session will come away with a comprehensive understanding of how to configure, operate and troubleshoot air and liquid-cooled TV transmitters as well as liquid cooled FM and FMHD transmitters.”
With over 1000 transmitters installed across the U.S. and over 350 students already trained, the training sessions were at full capacity in 2023, the company added. Consequently, Rohde & Schwarz has decided to schedule more training classes in 2024 to satisfy the rising demand for the training sessions as well as to modernize the already efficient lineup of transmitters in the dedicated training room. “We believe the better trained and prepared a customer is, the more valuable they are to the entire Broadcasting community,” said Glen Hurst, Transmission Systems Engineer / AE at Rohde & Schwarz, “and we hope to exceed the 200-training mark in 2024.”
The first day of the training starts with a test on a basic transmitter diagram and progresses to actual schematics, followed up with a show and tell on newly installed transmitters. The second part of the first day, attendees will relocate to the demo room where they learn about every aspect of the GUI of the transmitter in detail.
“Rohde & Schwarz uses many instruments to ensure that the training is fast paced,” the company said, “but equally comprehensive and vivid.”
The second day is kicked off with a review of the knowledge acquired on the previous day and a deep dive into more transmitter details before the rest of the day is dedicated to gaining some profound hands-on experience. Attendees are now provided with the opportunity to learn-by-doing, and are given a commissioning scenario to manage so that they get some insight into performing this function on their own at their transmitter site. The tutoring and coaching of the two-day-training is rounded up by a hands-on common troubleshoot scenario where participants have the chance to apply the newly gained know-how. Attendees are given a simple fault plots at first, then advance to the point of multiple failures and are even given defective repair parts to manage.
Refreshments and lunch are provided throughout the entire training. Dinner is also provided in-between the training days, which is commonly used for exchanging and sharing best practices amongst attendees and coaches.
For participation in future trainings please reach out to Glen Hurst: [email protected]
THU9evo transmitters shown in the demo room at the Rohde & Schwarz U.S. headquarters in Columbia, MD.

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