Ross Enhances Stats Perform SGL Integration With XPression Graphics

Content creators working in live sports production know that data is king, and sports fan are always hungry for stats on the performance of their favorite teams and players. Relevant statistics, no matter how obscure, can really help keep viewers engaged, and Ross Video is responding to this need by tightening the integration between its XPression real-time graphics platform and Stats Perform — a leading provider of data and research in the world of sports.

For sports production professionals, a Stats Perform SGL subscription is like adding a whole team of researchers and graphics producers to your production with the click of a button, providing hundreds of data points for each player in a structured method. An updated Stats Perform SGL interface with a new dedicated connection option for XPression provides access to Stats Perform data which can be downloaded directly in to the XPression engine.

This means that automation can create thousands of compelling graphics in a matter of seconds. This enables your graphics team to focus on more creative tasks while guaranteeing that critical data-driven graphics are available at their fingertips.

“Stats Perform is the premier provider of sports data, and XPression is all about real-time motion graphics,” says Patrick Twomey, Ross Video’s director of product management for XPression. “Having a dedicated XPression interface to Stats Perform’s SGL tools is like adding a virtual graphics producer to the production team.”

“The Stats Perform Sports Partners Intelligence Network (SPIN) is focused on closely collaborating with best-in-breed technology and solutions providers to deliver our market leading sports data and analytics in unique, compelling, and engaging ways for fans,” says Wayne Ford, SVP of global partnerships for Stats Perform. “Our tight integration work with Ross allows our joint clients to do just that, in a very scalable, agile, and accelerated way.”

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