Fox Reality and 2waytraffic create mobile reality service

Fox Networks Group’s Fox Reality and interactive content developer and producer 2waytraffic are creating a new subscription service for mobile phone users. The new service will be promoted through Fox Reality commercial airtime and enable mobile phone users of all the major U.S. carriers to access daily recaps of their favorite unscripted television hits, participate in exclusive sweepstakes and also receive immediate casting call information so they too might actually appear in future reality programs.

Fox Reality and 2waytraffic expect to launch the new service this spring. 2waytraffic will provide all wireless applications and back-end service and has co-produced the commercial creative with Fox Reality used to market the service. Interested consumers simply text message â€?REALITYâ€? to the premium number â€?76666â€? to subscribe, and the $4.99 monthly charge will then appear on that same person’s monthly mobile phone provider statement.

“Millions of people indulge themselves in reality television, making it one of our most sincere pleasures,â€? says Ed Skolarus, vice president of business and operations for Fox Reality. “This new service will enable these same legions of fans to engage their unscripted passions unfettered, anytime and anywhere.â€?

Skolarus joins Fox Reality from GoldPocket Interactive Inc., an interactive and digital media entertainment companies. In his new role, Skolarus is responsible for the nearly year-old networks’ broadband, on demand, interactive and mobile ventures. He will also work with Fox Networks Group’s Business & Legal Affairs and other corporate service providers to manage Fox Reality’s program ventures, licensing agreements and future business development. Skolarus will likewise serve as Fox Reality’s primary representative on all telecast operations and distribution matters.

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