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Qligent, a specialist in cloud-based, enterprise-level media monitoring and analysis, will unleash the first OTT-specific solution of its Vision cloud-based monitoring platform. Called Vision-OTT, the platform represents a leap forward for Qligent in that it’s the company’s first purely 100% virtualized cloud solution, eliminating all system configuration and management for the end user. 

Though Qligent today supports OTT service providers worldwide with its flagship Vision platform, Qligent is bringing Vision-OTT to market to better service the unique geographical and high-density requirements of monitoring, analyzing and troubleshooting a widely-dispersed OTT service. Vision-OTT leverages proven Qligent technologies, including the company’s highly scalable Virtual Probes; and introduces new efficiencies—notably Amazon Web Services to deploy, host and manage Qligent Virtual Probes from anywhere in the world.

Introduced at the 2016 NAB Show, Qligent’s Virtual Probes can analyze IP-based streams from anywhere in the field; and present that data on a centralized Vision dashboard in the cloud. The Vision-OTT architecture will include a special aggregated server that communicates with and collects all field data from each probe or edge device. Merged with Amazon Web Services, the comprehensive Vision-OTT platform provides unparalleled reach and penetration into the high-density universe of OTT signal distribution and delivery.

Furthermore, since Amazon Web Services is globally available with reliable uptime, Vision-OTT is an ideal solution for special one-time events, such as a sporting event or political debate, that can be deployed on short notice. Either deployed for single events or as a continuous monitoring platform, Vision-OTT is designed as a true SaaS with a pay-as-you-go model. This keeps costs manageable and offers a comfortable foundation to scale from—a highly valuable benefit for OTT services that can very quickly grow.

Qligent is also offering its popular Monitoring as a Service (MaaS), Qligent Oversight, as a managed service layer for Vision-OTT. This special service, called Oversight-OTT, will provide continuous offsite monitoring, event-based troubleshooting, incident-based and/or periodic analysis, comprehensive reporting, and recommendations to improve and scale services as warranted. This removes the burden from OTT service providers tasked with monitoring, analyzing, troubleshooting and optimizing very widely dispersed distribution and delivery systems that cross borders, continents and oceans.


Considering all the challenges of OTT monitoring, Qligent COO Ted Korte believes that Vision-OTT and Oversight-OTT takes a true problem-solving approach that is a major departure from other solutions on the market.

Qligent will also demonstrate the user benefits and technical features of Vision-OTT, including how its end-to-end monitoring platform works through the last mile. This includes a peek into its in-depth features and capabilities including HLS and DASH-IP layer analysis with raw packet capture for deep packet inspection; as well as data service and full transport stream analysis. Additionally, 4K video and audio quality of experience (QoE) analysis will be demonstrated, including qMOS and full frame-rate macro-blocking root-cause analysis. Finally, Qligent will demonstrate Vision-OTT’s remote multiviewer for signal processing and monitoring; and all-in-one compliance recording, which eliminates the need for an external compliance component or service.

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