New network is up to 66% coverage, with 26 of top 30 markets.

Thursday was a big day for the CW, it signed 27 new affiliates to the new network set to emerge in September when UPN and the WB are shut down. The addition of these stations increases CW’s national coverage to more than 66% of the country, including 19 of the top 20 markets and 26 of the top 30.

First, CW announced it signed nine station owned by Pappas Telecasting. They are:

  • WTWB-TV Greensboro-High Point-Winston Salem, N.C. (market No. 47)
  • KFRE-TV Fresno-Visalia, Calif. (56)
  • KPWB-TV Des Moines-Ames, Iowa (73)
  • KXVO-TV Omaha, Neb. (75)
  • KWBL-TV (cable only) Lincoln & Hastings-Kearney, Neb.( 103)
  • KREN-TV Reno, Nev. (112)
  • WLGA-TV Columbus, Ga. (127)
  • KWUB-TV (cable only) Yuma-El Centro, Ariz. (170)
  • KWPL-TV (cable only) North Platte, Neb. (209)

WLGA-TV is currently a UPN affiliate and the eight other stations are all WB affiliates.

The second announcement added 18 stations to the CW lineup. Those stations are:

  • WSWB-TV Wilkes Barre-Scranton, Pa. (market No. 54), owned by KB Prime Media LLC and operated by Pegasus Broadcast Television
  • WKYT-DT Lexington & WYMT-DT Hazard), Ky. (63), owned by Gray Television
  • WBSF-TV Flint-Saginaw-Bay City, Mich. (65), owned by Barrington Broadcasting
  • KWCV-TV Wichita-Hutchinson, Kan. (67), owned by Banks Broadcasting
  • WTO5 (cable only) Toledo, Ohio (70), owned by Block Communications
  • WB4 (Cable + DT) Tri-Cities, Tenn.-Va. (91), owned by BlueStone TV Holdings
  • WAZE-TV Evansville, Ind. (100), owned by South Central Communications
  • KCEB-TV Tyler-Longview, Texas (111), owned by Dimension Broadcasting
  • KWSD-TV-DT Sioux Falls, S.D. (114), owned by Rapid Broadcasting
  • WAGT-DT Augusta, Ga. (115), owned by Schurz Communications
  • KLWB-TV Lafayette, La. (124), owned by Dimension Broadcasting
  • KESQ-DT Palm Springs, Calif. (153), owned by News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting
  • KBCA-TV Alexandria, La. (176), owned by Dimension Broadcasting
  • KWBH-TV Rapid City, S.D. (177), owned by Rapid Broadcasting
  • KTVZ-DT Bend, Ore. (196), owned by News-Press & Gazette Broadcasting
  • WBJO (Cablevision), St. Joseph, Mo. (201), owned by News-Press & Gazette Cable
  • WSJP-TV San Juan, P.R. (not ranked), owned by Storefront TV LLC
  • WCVI-TV U.S. Virgin Islands (not ranked), owned by Virgin Blue Inc.

WSWB-TV, WBSF-TV, KWCV-TV, WTO5, WB4, WAZE-TV, KCEB-TV, KWSD-TV, KLWB-TV, KESQ-TV, KBCA-TV, KWBH-TV and St. Joseph Cablevision are currently WB affiliates. WKYT-DT (& WYMT-DT) and WCVI-TV are UPN affiliates.  WSJP-TV is currently a dual UPN-WB affiliate. WAGT-DT and KTVZ-DT are the digital channels of the NBC affiliates in Augusta and Bend.

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