Latakoo Introduces Remote Production Workflow For Ingesting Dailies

Latakoo, a developer of software solutions for the broadcast production industry, has released its new Latakoo Dailies service, which is focused on production companies. The Dailies workflow lets video professionals rapidly ingest video files from the location where a shoot is occurring to post houses for editing.

This Latakoo workflow has been optimized for teams using Avid Media Composer, creating a more rapid transfer of video files into Avid edit bins, saving precious post-production time for deadline work.

Latakoo’s cloud-based platform has been designed to be “the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to send video from anywhere to anywhere, regardless of connectivity or file size.” The company has integrated its system to comply with customer corporate firewall and security standards, and integrates with asset managers used by broadcasters, including those made by Avid, Dalet, Grass Valley and Bitcentral systems.

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Latakoo said that “since production companies rarely invest in asset managers costing several hundred thousand dollars each, Latakoo created its dailies workflow to support video ingest without the need of an asset manager.”

Paul Adrian, Latakoo CEO, said: “Production companies can save several days’ time by using Latakoo’s automated video workflow because it removes many onerous tasks, like driving or shipping a hard drive filled with the day’s video back to the post house for manual ingest.

“We shortcut a long process by creating a proxy file on location and delivering it that same day through the Internet to the post house where Latakoo atomizes the video for use in Avid Media Composer. Latakoo also creates Avid’s AAF files to deliver the accompanying metadata within minutes or seconds of the original transfer to our cloud.”


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Latakoo’s Dailies workflow builds on the company’s cloud-based system, which lets video crews send lightweight proxy files to editors within minutes of a shoot — even a mobile video shoot. Proxy files are created and rapidly uploaded to private Latakoo cloud accounts using the patented Latakoo compression and upload process for storage and sharing.

Associated metadata for files — including video card number, shoot date, camera ID, project number or any custom field — can be collected for each group of transferred videos. After upload, files are automatically downloaded by Latakoo HUB and placed inside a shared drive.

Editors then simply drag the group of files into the appropriate bin in Avid Media Composer and the files, along with associated metadata, automatically populates the Avid bin with accurate information.

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An on-demand webinar of the Latakoo Dailies Workflow is available at

Latakoo is an Avid Alliance Partner and is Avid Platform Certified.

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