NAB 2011: Ensemble Designs Products Preview

2011 NAB Show Preview
Ensemble Designs

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Ensemble Designs is a provider of signal processing and infrastructure products to the professional broadcast industry and other government and commercial applications.

Ensemble Designs is introducing a new, flexible matrix router  with exclusive real-time, thumbnail display for use in broadcast television and post applications.

The new 9430 Avenue Router has a control panel with an LCD that displays a live thumbnail of any SDI video source or destination in the router. Operators are able to view a source on the router panel in realtime before taking it to air. Video thumbnails travel over ethernet to the 1RU router control panel where they are displayed on a compact, high resolution display. The panel can be used on-site in a television station or post house, or the panel can be used thousands of miles away. Additionally, indicators for synchronicity and timing, audio and AFD provide confidence that a source is ready to use.

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The router is made of a highly flexible matrix that allows the user to configure the number or inputs and outputs that are needed for the installation. The basic size is 8×2. User-configurable input or output ports can be added. Any size from 8×2 up to 28×2 or 8×22, or any sizes in between, such as 10×5 or 15×15, can be configured.


The optional clean and quiet switching provides full frame synchronization allowing the router to switch cleanly between asynchronous sources. Audio is also cleanly switched. Applications include master control bypass switcher, QC monitoring, off-site news bureaus and radio shows, mobile trucks, and helicopters.

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The 9430 router is part of Ensemble Designs’ Avenue signal processing family of equipment used in broadcast, production and post applications. The router occupies from one to three slots in the Avenue 3RU frame and is comprised of three different modules: the 9430 8×2 router module, the 9435 clean switch sub module, and the 9440 ten port expansion module.

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