Twitter COO Anthony Noto Leaves For SoFi

Twitter’s chief operating officer is leaving the social media giant to lead another company. Anthony Noto joined Twitter in July 2014 after a stint at Goldman Sachs. He has also served as chief financial officer at Twitter. Noto is considered a key part of the company’s leadership team. Shares of Twitter Inc. slid almost 3 […]

Apple Launches HomePod Voice Speaker

After missing the critical holiday shopping season, Apple Inc has jumped into the voice speaker wars with the HomePod smart speaker, a device that will use its Siri voice assistant and compete against offerings from Amazon and Google.

Tegna Expands OTT Ad Network With Tubi TV

Tegna will use the free streaming network to distribute its local content across its platform, offering viewers localized news and other digital content from Tegna stations. It will also feature Tubi TV’s advertising technology platform, which combines data targeting with an analytics platform to provide user-targeted, differentiated ads.


Netflix Adding 79 New Titles In February

Disney Ramps Up Streaming Service Plans

In the latest sign that Disney’s plans for a streaming service continue at full speed, Disney has hired Kevin Swint as the senior vice president/general manager for it.

Big Tech’s New Worst Enemy: Telecoms

Telecom companies like AT&T and Verizon are racing into the digital advertising space — currently dominated by Google and Facebook — now that Washington has given them the ability to sell data to third-party advertisers.


Netflix Success Lessens Net Neutrality Fears

Now that it boasts one of television’s largest audiences, Netflix isn’t spending much time worrying about the demise of the government rules that once protected it. With millions of subscribers still flocking to its service, Netflix figures internet providers are unlikely to do anything that might alienate large numbers of their own customers who also turn to Netflix for trendy shows such as Stranger Things, The Crown and Black Mirror.

CBS Signs Carriage Deal With Playstation Vue

The deal will cover the carriage of CBS-owned stations and affiliates along with Showtime, CBS Sports Network, CBSN and Pop.

SourceMedia CEO Doug Manoni To Step Down

O’Reilly: Regs Not Answer To Big Tech Power

Republican FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly said Monday that regulators should not crack down on big tech companies like Facebook and Google.

Engagement Reporting: Why It Matters

What if readers, not just sources, were an active part of the news reporting process? A new group of journalists is exploring that possibility in an effort to deepen their reporting and build community relationships. “Engagement reporters” are journalists who combine the power of community engagement with traditional news reporting to do journalism that aims to authentically serve the community and reflect their interests and needs. They’re not audience engagement editors and they’re not news reporters — they live in both worlds.

Murdoch: Facebook Should Pay For News

Rupert Murdoch on Monday called on Facebook to pay “trusted” news publishers a carriage fee, similar to the model used by cable companies. His remarks come days after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the social media company would prioritize “trustworthy” news in its feed by identifying high-quality outlets and fight misinformation.

NYT, Fox News Lead Momentum Web Awards

Five Tools To Rebuild Trust in Media

The low levels of trust in media and the polarization in the U.S. and elsewhere are intertwined with the deterioration of public discourse. Some of the issues at stake may require regulation, but the most powerful forces could be awareness and behavioral changes in the use of technology. And here is where journalists can play a major role in improving the social conversation while showing why they deserve to be trusted.

State-By-State: Most Binge-Watched Shows Of ’17

Dan Rather Gets Show On Young Turks Netwok

As Facebook Shifts, Advertisers Think Video

The changes the social network recently made to its news feed have some advertisers thinking there will be opportunities for growth in video.

Vibrant TV Launches On WhereverTV Platform

Vibrant TV will premiere on WhereverTV this month as part of the digital subscription platform’s array of quality full-time entertainment networks. WhereverTV delivers subscribers worldwide live-streaming entertainment in all genres through any internet-enabled device. WhereverTV connects subscribers to a portfolio of uniquely customizable content choices accessible via iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone and TabletPCs.   A 24/7 linear […]

What Would It Take For The NFL To Go OTT?

Over the past few weeks, there has been a string of announcements from nontraditional TV distributors highlighting their ambitions to capitalize on the shift from traditional TV to over-the-top distribution. Meanwhile, even the supposed “killer app” of traditional TV, the NFL, saw a second straight season of declining ratings. Taken together, these developments raise the question: What would it take for the NFL to follow in Disney’s footsteps and go direct-to-consumer?

Denver Post Launches New Paywall

This week, Denver Post staffers rallied around their paper’s new $11.99-per-month paywall, optimistic that the move might bring more resources to a beleaguered Post newsroom. But the paywall goes up at a rocky time for Colorado’s largest newspaper, in which layoffs, an impending move, and the sudden resignation of its publisher have left some at the paper feeling destabilized.

High School B-ball To Be Livestreamed On Twitter

Joel McHale To Host Netflix Unscripted Series

Amazon Raises Monthly Price Of Prime

Streaming viewers who pay by the month for Amazon Prime benefits, which include free shipping as well as entertainment offerings, will now pay $12.99 a month. The new rate is 18% higher than the previous rate of $10.99. The cost of a full-year Prime membership will remain $99 and the yearly rate for students will also stay at $49.

Snapchat Lays Off Two Dozen Staffers

Snapchat parent Snap Inc. laid off roughly two dozen people across eight different teams on Thursday, according to people familiar with the matter. Most of the layoffs were in Snap’s content division, the people said, which includes editors who curate user-submitted videos for breaking news and other events. A handful of employees in New York and London were also asked to relocate to the company’s Los Angeles headquarters. Some layoffs also took place in Snap’s engineering and partnership teams.


Hulu To Add 115 New Titles In February

HuffPost Ends Unpaid Contributions

The site was an early example of amateur journalism online, but it will dissolve its self-publishing platform in an attempt to minimize unverified stories.

Olympics Opening To Be Streamed Live

For the first time, NBC will stream the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics live. While NBC has been quick to embrace online streaming in its coverage of Olympics sporting events, it has held back its coverage of the popular opening ceremonies, preferring instead to air them on a delay in prime time with commentary explaining the action.

Amazon Gives Easier Access To Live TV On Fire

Senators Grill Social Media On Terrorist Posts

The Senate’s Wednesday Commerce Committee hearing, which featured tough questioning of execs from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, comes amid growing government scrutiny over misuse of social media platforms and questions about what the companies are doing to prevent it.

Amazon Cancels Three Shows