McClatchy Joins Gannett In Cutting Back Relationship With AP

The Associated Press said the decisions by the two major newspaper chains “would not have a material impact on our overall revenue.”

Gannett To Drop Associated Press Content Across All Publications

Gannett, publisher of USA Today and hundreds of local newspapers, will stop using the Associated Press’ content starting next week, a significant blow to the not-for-profit wire service collective that still relies heavily on its premium memberships.

AP Launching E-Commerce Site With Taboola

The Associated Press is launching an e-commerce site called AP Buyline, powered by Taboola. It’s part of a broader effort by the AP to diversify its business by adding more consumer revenue. The company, which has historically made most of its money from licensing its content to other media organizations, redid its website last year to boost consumer traffic and advertising revenue.

’20 Days In Mariupol’ Wins Best Documentary Oscar, A First For AP And PBS’s ‘Frontline’

Mstyslav Chernov’s 20 Days in Mariupol, a harrowing first-person account of the early days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, won the best documentary Oscar on Sunday night. Statuettes were awarded to Chernov, producer and editor Michelle Mizner and producer Raney Aronson-Rath. The Oscar — and nomination — was a first for both Chernov, an AP video journalist, and the 178-year-old news organization. This was the third nomination and first win for Frontline. Pictured: Raney Aronson-Rath (center), l-r: Vasilisa Stepanenko, Mstyslav Chernov, Evgeniy Maloletka, Michelle Mizner and Derl McCrudden accept the award for best documentary feature film. (Chris Pizzello/AP)

Lucy Nicholson Named AP Director Of Photography

News Outlets Make Early Call In Iowa, Backlash Ensues

No votes had been cast at some locations when The Associated Press and TV networks projected Donald Trump as the winner, half an hour after the caucuses began.


Gen AI Will Transform News. Experts Say The Rulebook Must Be Written Now

Leading technology executives from the BBC, AP, the Partnership on AI and Adobe said news organizations won’t be able to avoid the profound changes being ushered in by generative AI, and the time to frame up ethical and safe guidelines for its use is today.

‘theGrio News’ Sets Show About Race With The Associated Press

AP Cements AI Era With Newsroom Guidance

Talking TV: AP Resets The Game On AI-Based Archive Search

Paul Caluori, AP’s VP of global products, and Derl McCrudden, AP’s VP and head of global news production, discuss the organization’s new AI-based archive search tool that circumvents the need for metatags and the shadow that generative AI casts over the industry at large. A full transcript of the conversation is included.

Millions Of AP Images And Video Now Available On Single Platform With AI-Powered Search

The Associated Press announced today the launch of an artificial intelligence-powered search experience on AP Newsroom, the global news agency’s single platform for multimedia content. The platform also now offers […]

Fox Opposes Fellow Journalists Trying To Uncover Documents

Fox News is opposing a renewed effort by the Associated Press, the New York Times and NPR to unseal documents related to its recently settled defamation lawsuit, saying it would do nothing but “gratify private spite or promote public scandal.”

AP, Frontline Documentary ‘20 Days In Mariupol’ To Make World Premiere At Sundance

The new feature film “20 Days in Mariupol” from The Associated Press and Frontline, the award-winning PBS documentary series housed at WGBH Boston, will make its world premiere at the […]

AP Fires Reporter Behind Retracted ‘Russian Missiles’ Story


Broadcasters Inch Closer To Storycentric News Production

While it’s not yet feasible to combine rundown-based computer systems favored by newsrooms with digital teams’ storycentric content management systems, progress is being made in communication between the systems and with third-party software, bringing the two groups closer together. Above: Vizrt’s Story is a Web-based system for script creation and editing that tightly integrates with the Viz One media asset management system and Viz Pilot template-based graphics system.


News Sharing And Collaboration Is Getting Easier And Smarter

Broadcasters are calling on a combination of cloud, software and transport technologies to facilitate collaborating and sharing at a station or across groups. The pandemic has shifted the many news sharing tools into high gear. Above: Dalet Pyramid Cut is Dalet Pyramid’s web-based feature-rich video and audio editor.

Behind The AP’s Decision To Appoint A Democracy Editor

Last week, the Associated Press announced the creation of an unusual new position: a democracy editor. Tom Verdin — a more than 20-year veteran of the AP who spent the past seven years leading its state government team — will take up the role, managing coverage on challenges to democracy, voting rights, election processes and related areas. Although such topics are often considered the purview of politics and government journalists, the current threats to democracy both in the United States and abroad called for the attention of a dedicated editor, according to AP Executive Editor Julie Pace.

Dick Kelsey, Beloved AP Broadcast Editor, Dies At 76

PHOENIX (AP) — Dick Kelsey, a retired Associated Press broadcast editor who was revered as much for his humor as his hardworking nature, has died after a seven-year battle with […]

AP Releases New Report On AI In Local News, Will Offer Free Online Curriculum To Address Issues

The report is based on survey results from nearly 200 newsrooms across all 50 states and more than two dozen in-depth interviews with local news leaders. Print, radio, television and digital outlets are represented, as well as commercial and nonprofit operations. In addition to demonstrating a readiness to adopt AI and automation technologies, the report outlines what local news providers need to drive technological innovation. To address many of the needs highlighted in the report, AP will offer a free online curriculum beginning next month, open to all U.S. news outlets. It will feature live, virtual workshops and recorded tutorials. International news outlets will have access to all recorded sessions.

AP Announces Sweeping Climate Journalism Initiative

The news organization will hire about 20 journalists based in Africa, Brazil, India and the U.S. to supplement the news agency’s journalists already covering climate and the environment. Together the team aims to transform how AP covers the climate story, including focusing on the profound and varied impacts of climate change on society in areas such as food, agriculture, migration, housing and urban planning, disaster response, the economy and culture.

The Future Of AI And Local Newsrooms

What does the future of journalism look like as AI and automated technologies take hold in other industries? The AP is working hard toward that future, and it’s working with news organizations across the country to figure out how AI can best help local newsrooms.

AP Seeks Answers From US Gov’t On Tracking Of Journalists

In a letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, AP Executive Editor Julie Pace urged the agency to explain why the name of Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Martha Mendoza was run through the databases and identified as a potential confidential informant during the Trump administration, as detailed in a report by Homeland Security’s inspector general.


Live Video Is Top Priority For AP’s New Chief

Daisy Veerasingham, the Associated Press’ incoming president and CEO, says that live video reporting, along with automating functions like transcriptions and translations around it, will be a key focus for the organization. Does that mean an AP streaming service could be in the offing? Note: This story, which is available to all, would normally be reserved for TVNewsCheck Premium members only.

Daisy Veerasingham Named AP President-CEO

She will become the first woman, first person of color and first person from outside of the United States to lead the AP in its 175-year history.

AP Says It Will No Longer Name Suspects In Minor Crimes

NEW YORK (AP) — The Associated Press said Tuesday it will no longer run the names of people charged with minor crimes, out of concern that such stories can have […]

Journalists Demanding More Action Against Online Harassment

The Associated Press’ recent firing of a young reporter for what she said on Twitter has somewhat unexpectedly turned company and industry attention to the flip side of social media engagement — the online abuse that many journalists face routinely.


TVN Tech | Vendors: Storycentric Workflow Shift Long Overdue

Equipment manufacturers say newsrooms have been too slow to embrace a storycentric model of content creation, one far more in line with consumer habits than the old evening-newscast-as-endgame paradigm. Above, Sam Adams, the morning anchor for KHQ Spokane, is preparing clips for NonStop News, the station’s 24/7 streaming channel. He’s seated at the NonStop News Desk, which is where these clips are prepared. He can produce and present the clips in a very short amount of time. The lower TV in the distance is receiving NonStop News over-the-air on ch. 6.3.

AP Reviewing Social Media Policies After Firing

That announcement came hours after more than 100 AP journalists signed a letter expressing concern about how former news associate Emily Wilder was treated. The journalists want more clarity in what can be said on forums like Twitter and Facebook and faith the company would protect them from pressure campaigns.

Associated Press Employees Want Answers After Reporter’s Firing

Rep. Tom Cotton Baselessly Accuses AP Of Colluding With Terrorists After Gaza Airstrikes

Media Demand Israel Explain Destruction Of News Offices

Journalists from the Associated Press, broadcaster Al-Jazeera and other tenants were safely evacuated from the 12-story al-Jalaa tower in Gaza City after the Israeli military warned of an imminent strike. Three heavy missiles hit the building within the hour, disrupting coverage of the ongoing conflict between’ Gaza’s Hamas rulers and Israel. “The world will know less about what is happening in Gaza because of what happened today,” AP President-CEO Gary Pruitt said.

In A Hot Election, Cool-Headed Associated Press Takes Center Stage

At the end of a turbulent campaign, the global news organization has a big role to play, with 4,000 reporters collecting vote counts from county clerks in 50 states. Above, an Associated Press staff member reading copy from the election tabulator in November 1936.

Latakoo, AP Collaborate On Remote Production

Latakoo’s newly launched Manifest integrates with AP ENPS to accelerate news production capabilities for broadcasters.

AP, Sony Reach Deal For New Still And Video Cameras

NEW YORK (AP) — The Associated Press says it has reached a deal with Sony Electronics to exclusively equip its photojournalists with new video and still cameras over the next […]

AP Changes Style To Capitalize ‘B’ In Black

The change conveys “an essential and shared sense of history, identity and community among people who identify as Black, including those in the African diaspora and within Africa,” John Daniszewski, AP’s vice president of standards, said in a blog post Friday. “The lowercase black is a color, not a person.” The news organization will also now capitalize Indigenous in reference to original inhabitants of a place.

Anick Jesandun, AP Tech Writer, Dies At 51 From Coronavirus

He ran marathons on every continent, including Antarctica — 83 of them in all, many followed by a visit to an obscure craft brewery. Last year, he watched 365 movies […]


TVN Tech | News Workflows Get COVID-19 Stress Test

With coronavirus pushing numerous staffers into remote working situations, broadcasters are increasingly looking to exploit all of the remote functionality in their newsroom computer systems. Improved IP connectivity and better automation software is helping to make that happen.

The AP Built A tool To Help Newsrooms In New York Share News With Each Other

AP, Report For America To Cover Statehouses

The Associated Press will add a statehouse reporter in 13 states as part of a new partnership with Report for America, the organizations announced Monday.


TVN Tech | Automation Becomes Major Multiplatform Tool

Automation technology is fast evolving to keep up with demand for content on multiple platforms. Vendors say it helps eliminate redundant tasks and integrates as many platforms as possible without posing a threat to jobs or creative control.