Latakoo, AP Collaborate On Remote Production

Latakoo’s newly launched Manifest integrates with AP ENPS to accelerate news production capabilities for broadcasters.

Latakoo, a developer of workflow solutions for the broadcast and production industries, has partnered with the Associated Press ENPS news production system team to enable assignment tracking and file delivery across both platforms. This development takes advantage of the capabilities of Latakoo’s recently launched Manifest, an intelligent collaboration tool that facilitates the discovery, tracking and request of media files, making it easy for broadcasters and other content producers to share and work together on stories between regions and markets.

Latakoo’s integration with ENPS gives large news organizations the ability to collect and update assignments created in ENPS with files that have been uploaded using Latakoo’s cloud-based platform. The integration of the two platforms means assignments in ENPS can be easily matched with video files delivered by Latakoo, thereby making the tracking of stories and their related files, efficient and intuitive.

A user can request a story and it is automatically delivered to their desired workflow as soon as the file is available. Notifications ensure everyone knows when files are uploaded to their assignments, simplifying collaboration, production, and management, regardless of their location. According to the companies, with AP ENPS and Latakoo Manifest, “the user will know exactly when the assigned story is dispatched to the crew, when the finished story arrives, and with Latakoo automation, when the file is automatically delivered to newsroom systems.

“Broadcasters can now deliver robust stories from any platform to any newsroom while tracking stories from concept to delivery.”

Latakoo CEO Paul Adrian, said: “Remote production is more important than ever as news and production crews have been forced to leave the studios during Covid-19, but all those dispersed users still need a way to know in real time that an idea or story has been assigned or the file has been uploaded or reviewed. With Manifest, they have direct access to the story from birth to broadcast and with our collaboration with ENPS, they can find that story in Latakoo or ENPS.”

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