ENENSYS And Ateme Partner To Offer ATSC 3.0-In-A-Box Solution For WCRN

Tyche Media’s independent WCRN-LD Boston has launched an ATSC 3.0/NextGen TV platform with ENENSYS and Ateme’s ATSC 3.0 software-based solution. In addition to providing linear TV service over NextGen TV, the service will also offer unlimited encrypted broadcast datacasting services to businesses and first responders. Working with WCRN, Ateme and ENENSYS delivered an ATSC 3.0-in-a-box solution […]

Sinclair, Korean Broadcasters Make NextGen TV Deals

The collaboration with Korean Broadcast System and Munhwa Broadcasting Corp. includes the development of NextGen TV technology and Data Distribution as a Service (DDaaS) business opportunities using the ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard.

NextGen TV: Auton, Anywave Launch Broadcast Internet Trial In Bend, Ore.

The real-world test lab and trial for broadcast internet is using WatchTV’s LPTV stations that have been upgraded to ATSC 3.0

Sinclair Sees ATSC 3.0 As Entrée To Streaming, New Revenue

Scott Ehrlich, Sinclair Broadcast Group’s chief innovation officer, said that broadcasters are excited about NextGen TV because it will give them some of the benefits of streaming (a one-to-one interaction with a viewer) while retaining the benefits of broadcasting (a one-to-many blast to viewers). He said: “Streaming is just moving video over IP. If 3.0 is bringing internet protocol to broadcast, it’s essentially bringing broadcast into streaming.”

WCRN-LD Boston Developing NextGen TV Platform

Initially, WCRN will offer four channels: France 24, Retro TV, Heartland TV and Paranormal TV. It’s also working with other companies to develop personalized content for viewers and unlimited encrypted datacasting services for businesses and first responders.

NextGen TV: ‘We Need To Execute Now’ In Race To Deliver Video, Data To Cars

There is no time to waste waiting for a Broadcast Core Network to emerge, be deployed and become widely adopted if broadcasters hope to tap into the lucrative emerging market for data and entertainment delivery to vehicles, says Alchemedia founder Lynn Rowe.

ATSC Sets Dates And Location For ATSC 3.0 Bootcamp And Seminar In Jamaica

The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) announced the dates for an upcoming ATSC 3.0 Jamaica Bootcamp and Seminar. The event will take place July 11-14 at the Ocean Coral Springs Resort and Conference Center in Trelawny. ATSC is collaborating with the Jamaica DSO Regulatory and Technical Committee, Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica and the Spectrum Management […]

NextGen TV Logo Certification Test Suite Released

Eurofins Digital Testing, in partnership with the Consumer Technology Association and National Association of Broadcasters, has releasee the NextGen TV logo certification test suite v 2022-1.0,  the first major release for the new model year applicable to ATSC 3.0 compliant receivers starting July 1. Primarily aimed at devices entering the market in 2023, but can […]

Six Stations Launch NextGen TV In Shreveport, La.

Six stations serving the Shreveport, La., television market today began broadcasting with NextGen TV, also known as ATSC 3.0. Switching on the new transmission standard are the Wray family’s KTBS (ABC) and KPXJ (CW); Gray Television’s KSLA (CBS); Mission Broadcasting’s KMSS (Fox); and Nexstar Broadcasting’s KTAL (NBC) and KSHV (MNT). Today’s launch in Shreveport follows […]

FCC: NextGen TV Deployed In 68 Markets Reaching Half Of U.S. Homes

The FCC released the data as it asked for public comments on the NextGen TV transition and the sunsetting of two 3.0 rules.

Broadcasters, Cable Ops Square Off At FCC Over Signal Offloads

Broadcasters and cable operators continue to spar over how much flexibility TV stations should have in transmitting their signals in the transition to the new ATSC 3.0 standard, specifically broadcasters’ ability to have another station transmit its digital subchannels. The idea is to ease the transition from ATSC 1.0 to the ATSC 3.0 transmission standard, also known as NextGen TV, which is not backward compatible.

Four Stations Launch NextGen TV In San Antonio

KABB, WOAI, KMYS and KCWX are now broadcasting with ATSC 3.0 technology.

ATSC 3.0 Chases ‘Cloud-First’ Cars

At last week’s ATSC conference in Detroit, Hyundai had news about an ATSC 3.0-equipped vehicle on the horizon and a bevy of new test results were shared. Above (l-r): Robert Foster of Auton, Kerry Oslund of E.W. Scripps, Coast-to-Coast test consulting engineer Merrill Weiss, Luke Fay of Sony

ATSC Awards Highest Technical Honor To Samsung’s Lim, Bestows Richer Industry Leadership Medal To Sony Electronics

Samsung’s Dr. Youngkwon Lim receives the group’s highest honor, the 2022 Bernard J. Lechner Outstanding Contributor Award, while the Mark Richer Industry Leadership Medal goes to Sony Electronics for leadership in deployment of ATSC 3.0 technology.

Five Stations Launch NextGen TV In Fresno-Visalia

KGPE, KMPH, KSEE, KNSO and KFRE are now broadcasting with ATSC 3.0 technology.

Auton Clocks New Connected Car Achievements With ATSC 3.0 Standard

Pearl TV, a coalition of U.S. broadcasters transitioning to NextGen TV, today announced new field test data with Auton performed at the Motown 3.0 Open Test Track in Detroit that demonstrated how robust the transport layer and software applications of the ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV standard are in non-real time data delivery of streaming video […]

Broadcasting Commission Of Jamaica Names Aldo Cugnini Digital TV Transition Adviser

The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica has chosen longtime broadcast television expert Aldo Cugnini of AGC Systems to provide advisory services in support of Jamaica’s transition from analog to digital broadcasting and the analog TV switch-off. Several years in the making, Jamaica’s Digital Switch Over (DSO) will transition the island nation’s over-the-air television broadcasting system to […]

NextGen TV: Why Stations Are Doing It

With ATSC 3.0 now reaching half of U.S. viewers, broadcasters are taking the necessary steps to bring over-the-air TV to its fullest potential.

ATVA, ACA Connects Voice New Concerns Over NAB 3.0 Proposal

ACA Connectsand the American Television Alliance (ATVA) have made their thoughts loud and clear to the FCC that a NAB licensing proposal permitting originating stations to arrange for “host” stations to transmit their ATSC 1.0 multicast programming — even when the originating stations do not transmit that multicast programming themselves in ATSC 3.0 — “could inadvertently permit stations to aggregate spectrum and programming.” This, ACA Connects and ATVA argue, could create a new loophole to local media ownership rules, giving broadcasters “yet another avenue to evade the top-four prohibition and thereby raise consumer prices.”

Michigan ATSC 3.0 Data Delivery Drive Offers Case For National Deployment

Alchemedia SG says it demonstrated that its Broadcast Services Core, integrated with other IP services, seamlessly transported IP data to a moving automobile traveling between four adjacent Michigan broadcast transmitters. The transported data was configured to include both media files and an HD video stream. ATSC 3.0 consultant Merrill Weiss provided engineering consulting to ensure […]

Five Stations Launch NextGen TV In Greenville, S.C.

WLOS, WSPA, WHNS, WYFF and WMYA are now broadcasting with ATSC 3.0 technology.


QOS And QOE Get Smarter As Monitoring Complexities Rise

Vendors are enriching their quality of service and quality of experience offerings to appeal to broadcasters, for whom sub-par viewing experiences are not an option. Above: Anupama Anantharaman, vice president of product management at Interra Systems, at the 2022 NAB Show with the Orion real-time monitor dashboard for QOS (Photo by Jennifer Pallanich).


BitPath Eyes 3.0’s Potential Role Honing Location Data Accuracy

BitPath, the Sinclair-Nexstar joint venture pursuing non-traditional revenue prospects from ATSC 3.0 spectrum, is experimenting with a new system that would improve location data accuracy, while also developing an IoT solution enabling energy utilities to better communicate with customers in times of peak need.


A Smaller NAB Show, But More Energized

Attendance may have been almost halved by the pandemic, but tech vendors felt the more intimate environment allowed them to conduct business on a more productive level. On the show floor, the continued shift of broadcast workflows to the public cloud dominated many discussions, while others focused on NextGen TV’s pressing need to monetize.

Evoca Takes On Charter, Satellite TV Players In Traverse City

Evoca, a newcomer that’s using a blend of IP-based ASTC 3.0 broadcast signals and traditional broadband streams to deliver pay TV packages, will soon go up against incumbent cable operator Charter Communications, along with Dish Network and DirecTV, in Traverse City, Mich. There, Evoca has teamed up with Heritage Broadcasting to launch a pay TV package next month for the introductory price of $25 per month.

Verance ATSC 3.0 Watermark Detection, Implemented First On LG NextGen TVs, Poised To Expand Interactive Services

Verance said today that LG Electronics is the first television manufacturer to implement ATSC 3.0 watermark detection on NextGen TVs — expected to enable reception of new interactive experiences via cable, satellite or antenna reception. This spring, dozens of 2022 and 2021 LG NextGen TV models will receive a firmware update for the Verance Aspect […]

BitPath To Preview NavPath And BitPoint For Positioning, Navigation And Timing Market

The new ATSC 3.0 broadcast data network will be previewed at the NAB Show. BitPath is planning to launch NavPath in several markets this year with expansion over the next year to BitPath’s entire footprint.

Broadcasters Ask FCC to Dismiss Cable ATSC 3.0 Concerns

Pearl TV, the consortium of TV stations advancing NextGen TV, took aim at cable operators in a meeting with FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington. That is according to a FCC document on the meeting. Pearl TV was pitching a National Association of Broadcasters petition to clarify the application of the FCC’s ATSC 3.0 (NextGen TV) rules to multicast streams. Those are […]

RFS Installs ATSC 3.0-Ready Gear Atop One World Trade Center

Radio Frequency Systems equipment is being installed to deliver an ATSC 3.0 signal over the complete metropolitan New York area by the end of this year.

NAB Show: Sinclair To Demonstrate Latest Version Of Hybrid TV Broadcast App

5 Stations Launch NextGen TV In Omaha

Five of Omaha, Neb.’s television stations today began broadcasting with NextGen TV, also known as ATSC 3.0. Switching on the new transmission standard are Hearst Television’s KETV (ABC), E.W. Scripps’ KMTV (CBS), Gray Television’s WOWT (NBC), Sinclair Broadcast Group’s KPTM (Fox) and Mitts Telecasting’s KXVO (TBD). Today’s launch in Omaha follows a decade of development […]

Sinclair And USSI Global Announce Datacasting Pilot

The pilot program will deliver local content, advertising and data files to the rapidly growing electric vehicle charging station market, displaying a critical commercial use case for NextGen broadcasting.

NAB Show: Triveni Digital Explores Benefits of ATSC 3.0 Datacasting

Triveni Digital today announced that the company’s senior vice president of emergent technology development, Mark Corl, will present a session on NextGen TV datacasting at the 2022 Broadcast and Engineering IT Conference (BEITC). The session “Exploring the Benefits of ATSC 3.0 Datacasting and Opportunistic Data Insertion (ODI)” examines the advantages of the ATSC 3.0 data […]

7 Stations Launch NextGen TV In Richmond, Va.

WRIC, WTVR, WWBT, WRLH, WCVE, WCVW and WUPV are now broadcasting with ATSC 3.0 technology.

NAB Show: Triveni Digital Introduces ATSC 3.0 StreamScope XM Monitor

Triveni Digital has launched StreamScope XM Monitor, which it calls “a critical new tool for broadcasters operating in the NextGen TV environment. The ATSC 3.0 professional monitoring, auditing, and logging system plays a pivotal role in delivering a high quality of service for NextGen TV while increasing operational efficiencies for broadcasters.” “ATSC 3.0 deployments are […]

2021 NextGen TV Marketing Campaign Boosted Consumer Interest

The NextGen TV ad campaign during the 2021 holiday season increased consumer awareness and intent to purchase NextGen TV sets according to Magid.

WNYZ-LD Becomes New York City’s First ATSC 3.0 Broadcaster

The latest of the new wave of hybrid DTV/analog FM radio stations—WNYZ-LD—took to the air on March 22 as a fully-licensed NextGen TV station in the New York City borough of Queens, and in doing so, bested the full-power TV operations for the title of being the first in the Big Apple to air ATSC 3.0 broadcasts. The 3 kW ERP TV ch. 6 (82-88 MHz) station is licensed to Sound of Long Island Inc. (SOL) and transmits Korean language TV and radio broadcasts to the metropolitan New York City area and eastward towards Long Island, using a directional antenna in order to avoid interference with a full-power ch. 6 operation in Philadelphia, southwest of WNYZ-LD’s transmitter location.

Five Stations Launch NextGen TV In Albany, N.Y.

WTEN, WRGB, WXXA, WCWN and WMHT are now broadcasting with ATSC 3.0 technology.

Ark Multicasting Demos ATSC 3.0 Standard And Business Model

Ark Multicasting, a low-power television broadcaster, last week gave the broadcast industry a sneak peek at what it is accomplishing together with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Trinity Broadcasting Network. The event took place at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville where Christian content creators, delivery platforms and broadcasters gathered to see what Ark calls […]


Weighing NextGen TV’s Business Case

There’s nothing simple in adopting ATSC 3.0, where a reasonable, breakeven deployment remains cloudy. But failing to get an early seat on a lighthouse may also prove disastrous later.