NAB 2018

Backers Tout Broad Support For ATSC 3.0

Enthusiasm runs high as the next-generation TV standard has its official ribbon-cutting launch in Las Vegas. In addition to panels, exhibit booths of new gear, NAB Show attendees can take a ride from the Central to South Halls in an autonomous vehicle equipped with ATSC 3.0 sets, receiving an ATSC 3.0 signal sent from an experimental Sinclair transmission facility 15 miles away.


Dolby’s Craig Todd Gives The 411 On 3D

Dolby CTO Craig Todd heads the ATSC’s 3D planning committee. While broadcasters aren’t anxious to deal with another game-changing technology revamp, ATSC may be moving ahead with creating a standard, at the request of other members, especially Korea. One scenario is the creation of a 3D standard for the current TV system and then developing another that would be part of the next-gen transmission system in the works.