Charter’s Spectrum Customer Service Gets An ‘SNL’ Skewering

EditShare Introduces Global Service Assurance Program

EditShare, a technology provider that specializes in collaboration, security and intelligent storage solutions, has rolled out its Global Service Assurance program, a key initiative of the company’s overarching business transformation that employs data analytics to manage issues and improve the overall customer experience. This new customer initiative ensures that all customer needs are met no […]

Comcast Ranks Last In Customer Service Survey

Comcast Moves To Improve Customer Service

Customer service professionals say Comcast will have to make fundamental changes to its corporate culture to move the needle on customer satisfaction. Comcast, the nation’s largest cable company and Internet provider, spends 8%-8.5% of its cable division budget on customer service — including its 50 call centers.


Comcast Vs. Verizon, Part 1

INTX 2015

Comcast Hiring 5,500 To Improve Customer Service

Comcast To Customer Fired After Bill Dispute: Sorry


Customer Service Key To Credit, Collections

Measures such as streamlining and automating much of the credit application process and involving ad sales in ongoing monitoring of their clients’ risk profile have reduced the time required to provide credit approvals and created a transparent and consistent credit and collections process.