DirecTV Now To Hike Prices

Cheaper TV Plans Like Sling Gain Customers

Watching popular TV shows such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones has become so easy online that millions are not only logging in to a plethora of new services, they’re also paying for it — including 2.2 million subscribers at Sling TV, parent Dish Network revealed for the first time Wednesday.

AT&T CEO Bullish On DirecTV Now

AT&T’s CEO touted the upcoming next-generation version of DirecTV Now, set to debut this spring, as a way to open up a new market for the vMVPD service. “With new functionality, we think we can get higher penetration,” Randall Stephenson said during the company’s 4Q earnings call Wednesday. “We’re actually very bullish on DirecTV Now. We’re convinced the economics will continue to improve as we move over the next couple of years.”

DirecTV Now Has Another Bad Night On Wed.

DirecTV Airing More Shows In 4K And HDR

Primetime Outages Hit DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now has experienced frequent buffering and widespread outages for several consecutive nights, according to the service’s Twitter customer help page, and user comments at social media sites.

DirecTV Price Increase Helps DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now Reaches 1 Million Subscribers

A year after it launched, AT&T’s Internet-delivered skinny TV bundle DirecTV Now has officially reached 1 million subscribers.

DirecTV Now Vs. Sling TV: Which Did Better?

AT&T Explains Continuing MVPD Sub Losses

In the last 10 quarters, or 30 months, U-verse has lost 2.254 million net video subscribers. AT&T had indicated that it was converting U-verse customers to its DBS service, which has far lower wholesale programming costs, though it has also moved some U-verse subscribers to the DirecTV Now service as well.