Cox Media Backs Impressions-Based Currency

It’s the latest broadcast station group to throw its support behind adoption of “thousands” for buying and selling advertising on local TV.

Katz Television Group Backs Impressions-Based Currency For Local Broadcast TV

“Now is the time to transition to a universal language of impressions. Katz Television Group supports the industry adoption of impressions for linear TV to enable cross-platform campaign integration at the local level,” said Katz President Leo MacCourtney.

ABC Owned TV Stations Back Impressions-Based Ad Currency

Debra O’Connell: “Using an impressions-based currency to evaluate, sell and buy local broadcast video enables us to offer our advertisers full visibility into local audiences and extends the overall reach of their messaging across platforms. The ABC Owned Television Stations fully support the adoption of impressions as the currency for local broadcast TV.”

NBCU Stations Roll Out Impressions-Based Local Ad Buys

Impressions will be used as the measurement standard for all ad campaigns running on NBCUniversal’s local TV stations and NBC Sports regional networks

Nexstar Moves To Impressions-Based Ad Sales

Following other TV groups, Nexstar Media Group’s broadcasting unit, one of the largest owners of U.S. TV stations, will move to a cost-per-impression (CPM) model from household ratings for selling advertising. As with other TV companies, Nexstar says impressions provide more granular data of viewers watching a program or commercial. More importantly, this positions TV stations against increasingly competitive digital media platforms.


WPLG Moves To Impressions-Based Ad Sales

Berkshire Hathaway’s ABC affiliate in Miami says the switch will give advertisers an easier way to purchase schedules across all of its ad platforms.


Beating The Drum For Adopting Impressions

Several speakers at the TVB Forward conference touted the benefits of buying and selling spot TV using impressions rather than conventional ratings points.


The Price Point | Impressions-Based Advertising Long Overdue

Impressions-based advertising will not be the last word in consumer measurement, but it is an important transitional step to the future. In a few years we will look back and wonder why it took so long.

Hearst TV Commits To Impressions Selling

“We have always focused on providing large, quality audiences to our advertisers,” said Jordan Wertlieb, Hearst Television’s president. “Today’s video marketplace requires contemporary measurement metrics.”

CBS’s Marenghi, ABC’s McMahon Urge Support Of Impressions Plan

The two station group chiefs say they welcome the TVB’s plan to transition to impressions-based local TV currency.


TVN Focus On Advertising | TVB Driving Impressions-Based Ad Buying

“In our current multiplatform world, everything is now being sold on an impression basis except linear TV,” says TVB President Steve Lanzano. “We want local TV stations and the ad agencies to be able to sell and buy that way, too. We have been working with the buying agencies for some time behind the scenes and now we are going public.”