Amazon To Launch First Two Internet Satellites In 2022

Competing with SpaceX, OneWeb and others, the e-commerce titan will rely on small rockets to get prototypes of its satellite constellation into space.

Elon Musk Says Starlink Will Provide Faster Internet Speeds On Airlines

Elon Musk on Thursday touted SpaceX’s plan to use Starlink for in-flight Wi-Fi, emphasizing that his company is in discussions with airlines to add the high-speed satellite internet service. “Please let them know if you want it on your airliner,” Musk wrote in a tweet, adding that Starlink could add “low latency half gigabit connectivity in the air!”

FCC’s Carr Calls For ‘Net Version Of TV Martí To Connect Cubans

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr has added his voice to that of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who are calling on the Biden Administration to allow private industry to get internet access to Cubans being denied that access by the Cuban government amid protests there.

Widespread Internet Outage Affects Major Websites

Several major websites, including those of the British government, The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Guardian and Le Monde, were inaccessible for many users on Tuesday morning. According to, which tracks internet disruptions, sites reporting problems also included Etsy, Hulu, PayPal, Reddit, Twitch and Twitter. Many of the affected sites appeared to have been restored after a little less than an hour. The outage was connected to Fastly, a provider of cloud computing services.

States Step In To Set Rules For The Internet

Virginia, Florida, Arkansas and Maryland are among dozens of states that have introduced bills to curtail the power of Amazon, Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Rep. Clyburn Reintroduces $100B Internet-For-All Bill

As advertised, House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.), joined by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), has reintroduced a bill to close the digital divide by connecting everyone to the internet at high speeds — 1 Gig is the goal.

SpaceX Moves To Beam Starlink Internet Into Cars, Boats, Aircraft

Bill Would Check POTUS Power Over Networks

A bill that would limit the president — of either party’s — ability to “shut down the internet” has been introduced. The bill, from Reps. Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) and Morgan Griffith (R-Va.), would limit the president’s power to “control or shut down communications networks, including the internet.”

AT&T Stops Selling DSL

AT&T has notified its existing DSL customers that they can’t transfer their service to a new address, and effective Oct. 1, the telecom is no longer even selling new DSL-based internet service. The news comes as the telecom announces new promotional pricing for its fiber internet service.

Goodbye To The Wild Wild Web

The internet is changing, and the freewheeling, anything-goes culture of social media is being replaced by something more accountable.


NAB Wants New Rules For Broadcast Internet

The National Association of Broadcasters this week recommended to the FCC that it adopt new ownership rules that would encourage broadcasters to offer “Broadcast Internet” services via ATSC 3.0 (aka NextGen TV).

The Virus Changed The Way We Internet

With many stuck at home during the pandemic, Americans have been spending more of their lives online. This is how our habits have changed.

Internet Showing Strain Despite Bit-Throttling

Despite recently initiated efforts by major platforms to throttle back their use of the internet’s bandwidth during the surging use driven by the coronavirus pandemic, the internet is showing growing signs of strain. Potential shutdowns or compromised net service are of grave concern to governments and health care professionals around the world, of course.


Reed Hundt: ‘We Were Naive’ About The Internet

Former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt talks about antitrust, Big Tech platforms, the future of the 1996 provision that provided legal protection to social media companies from liability for harmful content, and Facebook. 

‘South Park’ Scrubbed From Chinese Internet After Critical Episode

Tech Giants Face Terror Law In EU Crackdown On Internet Hate

Can Wireless Challenge Cable For Home Internet?

Using an emerging wireless technology known as 5G, Verizon’s 5G Home service provides an alternative to cable for connecting laptops, phones, TVs and other devices over Wi-Fi. It launches in four U.S. cities on Monday.

The Man Who Created The World Wide Web Has Some Regrets

Internet Activist, Grateful Dead Lyricist John Barlow Dies At 70

AT&T Testing Fast Internet Over Power Lines

AT&T has started trials in Georgia and a non-U.S. location to deliver high-speed internet over power lines, the No. 2 wireless carrier said on Wednesday, marking its latest push to offer faster broadband service to more customers.

Who Owns The Internet?

We are in the midst of a technological revolution that has altered the flow of information. Just a few companies have taken control, and this concentration of power—which Americans have acquiesced to without ever really intending to, simply by clicking away—is subverting our democracy.

Malone Plots Internet Dominance Beyond US

The Wall Street Journal reports that media mogul John Malone and his lieutenants are quietly building a cable colossus in Europe and Latin America that potentially could be the backbone for the next generation of wireless-internet service. Journal subscribers can read the full story here.

Marshall McLuhan Envisioned The Internet Before Anybody

How 7 Dirty Words Fostered An Open Internet

Twenty years ago today the Supreme Court issued a landmark decision and unanimously overturned congressional legislation that made it unlawful to transmit “indecent” material on the Internet if that content could be viewed by minors. The justices ruled that the same censorship standards being applied to broadcast radio and television could not be applied to the Internet.

Bandwidth Consumption Could Triple By ’21

Video will make up 82% of all internet traffic in 2021, according to forecasts released today by Cisco, which sells networking equipment. Video accounted for 73% of traffic in 2016. Not only are people watching more online video, they’re also watching better quality video, sapping more bandwidth. And cord cutters generate twice as much internet traffic as those who still pay for regular TV, according to Cisco.

Ruling Chills Sale Of Internet Piracy Tech

A recent decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union found that standalone streaming devices that come with add-ons applications installed that allow buyers to steal programmers should be judged as essentially illegal.

How The Internet Is Reshaping Sports TV

In the digital age, communities rule, and those who want to dominate the next phase of sports media need to understand that. These communities are all about conversation, particularly what’s happening in the swirl of social media. And old-media giants like Turner Sports would do well to react to it.


1st Amendment Legal Thinking Must Evolve

As we enter an age in which the internet is fully integrated into our daily lives, the main channel by which we access information, a reconsideration of the values of the First Amendment is required.

Sinclair To Launch Internet-Based Diginet TBD

Sinclair Broadcast Group says the new multicast network will be the first multiscreen TV network in the U.S. to offer premium internet-first content. Launching in early 2017, TBD will feature content curated from a range of digital producers.

NCTA Adds Internet, Keeps Initials

The cable trade group rebrands as NCTA – The Internet & Television Association. “We’ve changed our look but our mission remains the same,” it says, adding that the new brand “projects unity, partnership and energy.” 


FCC’s Win Cements Obama’s Internet Legacy

The decision, if it is upheld, means Obama has put his stamp on the internet in a way few political figures have.

Highlights From Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report


Smartphones, Internet Eating Into TV Time

Nielsen data show an increase in the number of 18-to-34-year-olds who used a smartphone, tablet or TV-connected device like a streaming box or game console. That grew 26% in May compared with a year earlier, to an average of 8.5 million people per minute. Those devices, which all showed gains in usage, more than offset declines in TV, radio and computers. In the same age group, the demographic most highly coveted by advertisers, use of those devices fell 8% over the same period to a combined 16.6 million people per minute.

TWC Plans For TV On The Internet

Time Warner Cable is going to start testing in New York City a cable service that doesn’t need a cable box and is delivered over their customers’ home Internet.

How Comcast Wants To Meter The Internet

Comcast currently takes in more revenue from video customers than from Internet customers, but that’s not likely to be true forever. A small but growing number of consumers are skipping cable subscriptions as hours spent watching video shifts online. So finding a way to charge for heavier Internet use could bolster Comcast’s revenue as the ranks of its cable customers shrink.


Unconnected Broadcasting May Be Wise Move

When TV broadcasters rebuild their transmission systems for ATSC 3.0 or the repack over the next several years, they will be tempted to integrate the Internet into the control and monitoring functions. It will likely make things easier and save both labor and money. They should think twice. If the experts are right and there is no way to absolutely secure anything directly or indirectly tied to the Internet, stations might be smart to isolate the transmission system from the Internet so they can always be on the air when they need to be.

Comcast’s Internet Subs Now Exceed Cable

Comcast has more Internet subscribers than it does for cable for the first time, the company said in an earnings call today. As of March, the company had 22.4 million broadband customers.

Wheeler Prepares To Overrule State Web Laws

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is urging his fellow commissioners to block state laws that would prevent cities and towns from building out their own government-run Internet services. Wheeler this week will circulate a draft decision to nullify laws in Tennessee and North Carolina, after receiving a request from towns in each of those states. Cities across the country “should be able to make their own decisions about building the networks they need to thrive,” Wheeler said Monday.


Michael Wolff: TV Is Disrupting The Internet

Streaming services from HBO and CBS don’t signal television’s capitulation to Netflix and the Web; it’s actually the opposite, as the medium expands yet again to gobble up more revenue. “A funny thing happened during the Internet’s seemingly epochal displacement of mainstream media. While digital media was becoming overwhelmingly ad-supported — a mass-media model reminiscent of the three-network era — television gained a subscription revenue stream,” says journalist Michael Wolff.

Fox Lab Installs Video Clarity Monitoring System