NCTA Adds Internet, Keeps Initials

The cable trade group rebrands as NCTA – The Internet & Television Association. “We've changed our look but our mission remains the same,” it says, adding that the new brand “projects unity, partnership and energy.” 


NCTA President-CEO Michael Powell announced today that the association has launched what it calls “a modernized brand that better reflects the makeup of the industry that NCTA represents and the consumer services its members deliver.”  The new brand and descriptor is “NCTA – The Internet & Television Association” and will be the association’s formal name in all aspects of its public image.

“NCTA represents members that are building the world’s most powerful technology platform and creating the exciting content and services that entertain, inform and inspire consumers every day,” said Powell.  “Modernizing our brand injects a new sense of excitement into our effort to represent an industry that is America’s largest and fastest home internet provider and the creator of the world’s best television content.”

NCTA said the updated brand is a continuation of the association’s effort to reflect how the marketplace is no longer defined by silos of the past. It also builds upon NCTA’s 2015 rebranding of “INTX: The Internet & Television Expo” from The Cable Show. INTX 2017 will be hosted in Washington in April 2017.

“Just as our industry is witnessing an exciting transformation driven by technology and connectivity, NCTA’s brand must reflect the vibrancy and diversity of our members,” Powell said.  “While our mission to drive the industry forward remains the same, our look now reflects a renewed proactive and energized spirit.”

The new logo features an interlocking red circle and blue dot that form a purple intersection that, the association said “represents how NCTA brings together its members for unified positions and speaks with a singular voice on issues impacting the internet and television marketplace.”

As part of the brand launch, NCTA has launched an updated website, social properties, brand promise video and other elements.


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Wagner Pereira says:

September 19, 2016 at 1:46 pm

Cable allowed to own 1) TV 2) Internet 3) Phone 4) Wireless 5) Newspaper in same market while Broadcast Crossownership exists. SMH. What is wrong with this picture?

Tony Alexander says:

September 20, 2016 at 1:56 pm

This is just unbelievable! Did someone at NCTA awaken from a 25-year snooze? The cable industry “founded” @Home and built the ISP market. But, now, 25 years later NCTA decides that the Internet really is a business for their members!!!! Just unbelievable. If nothing else, NCTA is really on the cutting edge! What a joke! Their tradeshow is also a joke. They are so dominated by one company that they cannot really be forward looking and provide an event of relevance to today’s Internet market.

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