5G Is Getting Better, But The Most Important Changes May Come Next Year

With the launch of Apple’s newest smartphones — the iPhone 13 series — the big question is back. Is it worth buying a new phone just to get 5G?

Apple’s ‘Hollywood In Your Pocket’ Pitch For iPhone 13 Pro

The first ad for the new iPhone, from TBWA\Media Arts Lab, shows tense, high-action scenes being shot with the device.

Apple Releases New TV Remote App For iPhone

Swiss TV Newsroom Goes 100% iPhone


WTTG Reporter Amazes Prince Charles With iPhone

‘Modern Family’ Ep Shot With iPhones, iPads

Other than a few scenes shot with the MacBook Pro, the Feb. 25 episode was captured entirely with iPhone 6s and iPads, series co-creator and executive producer Steve Levitan said. The ABC comedy will play out on screen completely on a computer and in the realm of social media.

TiVo Slings New Tablet-Streaming TV Box

Set-top box maker TiVo has introduced a new Slingbox-like product that lets users stream live or DVR-recorded TV to tablets, notebooks and smartphones.


Good Call: iPhones Are Stations’ Hottest Tool

Many news organizations are finding that their journalists — both print and broadcast — are much more productive when equipped with the very versatile phone powered by an ever-growing number of apps. “Now everybody’s a newsgatherer,” says KPNX Phoenix News Director Mark Casey. “Our photojournalists use traditional pro video cameras, the point-and-shoot or the iPhone — and sometimes all three.”

Wi-Fi Powers iPad, iPhone Video Viewing

Apple Unveils Faster, More Powerful iPhone

The new iPhone 4S has an improved camera with a higher-resolution sensor. The processor is faster, which helps run smoother, more realistic action games. It’s also a “world phone,” which means that Verizon iPhones will be useable overseas, just as AT&T iPhones already are.

New iPhone Expected From Apple Today

Last week, Apple Inc. emailed invitations to a media event at its headquarters in Cupertino on Tuesday morning. The invite says “let’s talk iPhone,” implying the secretive company intends to show off the latest version of the device, the iPhone 4.

Getting Broadcast Quality Audio From iPhones

Next iPhone To Contain TV Receiver Chip?

Overseas suppliers have indicated that features like live over-the-air digital TV and pico projectors are coming to smartphones in the near future, leading to speculation that they could end up in Apple’s next-generation iPhone.