NATPE 2018

Groups Likely To Expand Program Production

The trend of station groups creating and syndicating their own shows has proven itself as a worthy way to create cost-effective programming that speaks to local and regional audiences, according to a panel of executives who spoke Wednesday at NATPE.

Scripps, Raycom Seeking Multiplatform Fare

The new programming partnership between the two station groups is open to anything as long as it has a digital dimension. “I don’t like to box shows into a genre,” says Scripps’ Cater Lee. “What it does have to have — first and foremost — is a multiplatform strategy. Anyone who doesn’t think about programming that way is very short-sighted.”


Raycom Building Its Future On Originals

Raycom’s VP of Programming Ken Reiner has been in the post since August and is overseeing the station group’s expanding portfolio of original programming. Raycom’s venture into originals has been a mixed bag, but there’s no doubt in his mind that coming up with shows that can be tailored to local audiences is vital, especially in the afternoon. “The 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. daypart is very important to us. We have an established news group around the country, so it is very important that we have strong news lead-ins.”

Raycom Ups Ken Reiner To Programming VP

The group’s corporate director of programming adds a VP stripe as he oversee programming content, development strategies, syndication acquisitions, scheduling and budgeting.