Centro To Launch Digital Media Buying App

Hudson MX Names Anya Paul EVP For Agency Partnerships

Hudson MX, an advertising technology business providing media buying and media accounting solutions globally through a cloud-based SaaS platform, today hired Anya Paul as EVP, managing director — agency partnerships. A digital industry veteran with more than two decades of experience, Paul joins Hudson MX from Google where she spent eight years on global agency […]

Hudson MX Lands $10M Ascential Investment

The two companies will roll out a private beta of a cloud-based cross-platform media buying and media accounting system.

Acceleration Of In-House Media Buying

A significant number of the world’s largest advertisers have shifted their media-buying in-house thanks to programmatic media-buying technology, according to an analysis by Pivotal Research Group analyst Brian Wieser.


How Buyers Can Bridge The New Media Divide

Marlena Majoie, media director at MMI Agency in Houston, says yes, learning all these new terms and technologies can be intimidating for traditional media people, but it is possible. Don’t be afraid to experiment. It can help inform your buys.


Fragmentation The Big Story Of 2016

Media has arguably changed more in the past decade than it did in the previous five. It’s a huge concern for buyers, now faced with so many more media options.

Media Buying Shifts Due To Digital Trends

Media buying and planning has gotten a lot more complicated these days. With the explosion of social, digital and mobile media, and all the myriad ways to chase an audience, it can be tough to find the right partner.

ANA Commissioning Study On Media Buying

The Association of National Advertisers is hiring a consultant to do a broad study on how media is purchased by agencies for advertisers. This initiative, which comes amid allegations of widespread media agency rebate schemes in the U.S., is being conducted solely by the ANA and is separate from the joint ANA-4As task force that was announced in April that is looking at agency-advertiser contracts and the development of a code of conduct.

SMG Integrates Nielsen Catalina Data

Starcom MediaVest Group has struck a deal with Nielsen Catalina Solutions to integrate the latter’s data into its TV planning and buying system on behalf of advertising clients. The partnership will help advertisers identify consumer segments with high potential for consumer packaged goods and over-the-counter purchases — and then select TV programs that reach these audiences.

Big Data: A Media Buyer’s Primer

It’s more than just the latest buzzword. Big data is already having a big impact on many forms of media, and out of home will be next. What it is and how to use it.

Can TV Buyers Adapt To A Digital Model?

Beyond just getting a seat at the table, digital buyers are suddenly finding themselves at its head — and the love of data, optimization and acronyms they’re bringing with them could seriously shake up traditional media buying where a steak and a handshake still rule.


Why Cross-Media Buys Are A Challenge

Finding the right mix of traditiional and digital advertising can be frustrating. John Shelton, CEO of Strata, talks about optimal media mixes, why this isn’t a new issue and what media buyers and planners foresee for 2013 ad spending.

WideOrbit, Catalyst Integrate Media Buying

Full integration between WO Central and Catalyst Air Date Management System is designed to simplify the media buying process and improve profitability.