NAB Show: Sinclair And ONE Media 3.0 Leaders To Participate In Multiple Sessions

Sinclair Broadcast Group and its subsidiary, ONE Media 3.0, will be participating in the NAB Show (April 16-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center).  Members of the company’s leadership team […]

ONE Media 3.0 Launches NextGen Pilot For Advanced Emergency Info

In conjunction with the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, the program will provide free, over-the-air redundancy to emergency messaging currently sent by local governments via text, email. social media, and other system platforms. The broadcast platform will bring with it the efficiency of instantaneous and simultaneous delivery to all users.

CES: Sinclair To Demonstrate Enhanced NextGen Broadcast Datacasting

Sinclair Broadcast Group and its subsidiary, ONE Media 3.0, announced the companies will demonstrate key enhancements to the NextGen Broadcast standard (ATSC 3.0) at CES. Those elements will serve as the […]

ONE Media 3.0: NextGen Broadcast Use Case With Connected Vehicles Builds

A recent webinar sponsored by AutoMobility Advisors and ONE Media 3.0 examined the potential and challenges of NextGen Broadcast spectrum (ATSC 3.0) to transport data to connected vehicles. The event […]

New Survey Shows American Consumers Want NextGen Emergency Info Features

Research from NVISA and ONE Media 3.0 confirms the crucial role of broadcast media in times of crisis and highlights the potential demand for such information in the mobile environment.

NextGen TV Delivers Remote Learning In DC

Education tech company SpectraRep is teaming with Sinclair Broadcast Group’s One Media 3.0 and its WIAV-CD Washington, D.C., to deliver EduCast, a broadcast Internet solution to meet the needs of K-12 and college learners without access to sufficient broadband Internet services in their homes.

ONE Media Launches STIRR Radio App In Seattle

The NextGen TV service will deliver TV and radio to anyone with a NextGen television set connected to the web.

So Vang Joins One Media 3.0

The former vice president of advanced technology at the National Association of Broadcasters, is tapped to be vice president for emerging technologies at the Sinclair Broadcast Group NextGen TV subsidiary.

ATSC 3.0 Reaches The Smartphone

ATSC 3.0, the new broadcast signaling standard branded as NextGen TV, is starting to break away from the TV screen and gain its first foothold on the smartphone. One Media 3.0, a subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group, said it has taken possession of its first handful of Android smartphones with embedded ATSC 3.0 antennas. This initial batch of devices — branded as the Mark One, and unlocked to run on the T-Mobile and AT&T mobile networks — are not production-grade products but are instead considered evaluation units tagged for trials and tests.

Sinclair And One Media 3.0 Look At ATSC 3.0 Opportunities Beyond Broadcast

The television industry, which has walked the same technical path for the past 20 years with its OTA delivery of DTV, is on the cusp of a new era of innovation in fields as far flung as the delivery of wireless data to cars and premium video to homes.

Sesh Simha Promoted At One Media 3.0

He takes on responsibility for overseeing Sinclair’s participation in the global ecosystem development of NextGen broadcasting’s direct-to-mobile broadcast-5G convergence. He will also support the company’s international strategic vision for spectrum utilization.

ONE Media Reports Successful 3.0 Field Tests

Advanced compression (SHVC), multiplexing and technicolor SL-HDR1 together demonstrate impressive improvements in delivering high-quality video to fixed, mobile devices.

One Media Ups Michael Bouchard To Technology Strategy VP

Sinclair Broadcast Group has promoted Michael Bouchard to vice president of technology strategy for its One Media 3.0. He reports to Mark Aitken, president of One Media and will help […]


Sinclair Full Speed On 3.0 Despite Merger Fail

Executives of Sinclair and its Spectrum Co. joint venture say the mega-group’s commitment to the technology is unshaken by the collapse of its merger with Tribune and they are aggressively pursuing their plan for developing, testing and rolling out data-based, mobile-first 3.0 services.

Sinclair, Gaian Developing 3.0 Platform

Sinclair’s Mark Aitken: “Our goal is that the platform will provide a framework for Sinclair to run its own ATSC 3.0 developed applications as well as integrate with other partners’ apps to create a common user experience and a platform to unlock vast new business opportunities for broadcasters to drive richness, interactivity and synchronicity of content across consumer devices.”

Sinclair Will Use 3.0 To Provide Audience Data

“This is about knowing the truth regarding who is watching, what they’re watching and when they’re watching,” said David Smith, president-CEO of Sinclair. “Data gathering, measurement and behavior is too important for us not to have a reliable system and there is an immediacy to have this in place to coincide with the rollout of ATSC 3.0. Sinclair and ONE Media 3.0 intend to build it and make it available to the industry. We are currently working with device manufacturers and will shortly identify a test market in which to conduct live field trials.”


Sinclair Readies Retooled ATSC 3.0 Lab

In a couple of weeks, Sinclair Broadcast Group will open an upgraded ATSC 3.0 testing lab in Baltimore to design and test a national network based on the next-generation standard and the services that will run on it.

Sinclair Eager To Offer Next-Gen TV Services

The FCC just received broadcasters’ request to permit use of ATSC 3.0 and has not yet said whether it will even consider the petition. Nonetheless, Sinclair is charging ahead with plans to exploit the technology that include a national “wireless IP pipeline” that can deliver TV and data to consumers and other clients.