Rich Chernock’s Parting Thoughts On 3.0

The former chair of ATSC’s TG3 discusses the creation of ATSC 3.0 and what it promises. “The new functionality and the new kinds of businesses enabled by ATSC 3 are really necessary. Without doing that, broadcasting is probably going to disappear and be overtaken by all of the other options people have for getting information and entertainment. So, if broadcast doesn’t get nimble and take advantage of the things ATSC 3 offers, there’s a problem.”


Six Reasons Why IP Is The Future Of OTA TV

While the current MPEG transport stream has worked well, it’s time for a change that will let over-the-air TV broadcasting break free from its own self-imposed silo and transition into something “that could be thought of as an extension of the internet,” according to Triveni Digital’s Rich Chernock. He details the ways such a change could benefit both broadcasters and viewers.


Chernock To Conduct 3.0 IP Transport Webinar


Apps, Broadband, Broadcast = 3.0 Interactivity

Many of the same app developers focused on the web today will help bring interactivity to ATSC 3.0 viewers in the future thanks to the standard’s W3C compliance and clever use of broadcast, broadband and non-real-time content in the home. Above, NAB’s So Vang demos the interactive in-home experience offered by 3.0 in the NAB Futures Zone during the NAB Show last month.


No Intellectual Property Talks In ATSC 3.0 Meetings

IBC 2014

Chernock Predicts ATSC 3.0 Will Hit The Mark

Triveni Digital’s Rich Chernock, who’s leading the technical group responsible for developing the ATSC 3.0 standard, says progress has been impressive. On a technical level, perhaps the most significant is that the standard is being developed in such a way that it will be able to flex and absorb new technologies that inevitably will come along. And on political and economic levels, ATSC 3.0, he says, has the possibility of providing a framework for a global television standard that could work for the next 30-40 years.


Updating TV’s Progress Toward ATSC 3.0

Rich Chernock, chief science officer of Triveni Digital, is leading the effort to develop TV’s next-gen transmission standard, ATSC 3.0. At next week’s NAB Show he will provide updates on ATSC 3.0 developments as well as lead an IEEE/BTS discussion on next-generation compression. He talks about where the process is now and what’s in store in Las Vegas.

ATSC Names Rich Chernock TSG Chairman

press release – henderson 07 The board of directors of the Advanced Television Systems Committee has named Dr. Richard Chernock to be the next chairman of the Technology and Standards Group (TSG). Chernock has been an active participant in ATSC for many years, most recently as vice chair of the TSG and leader of non-real […]