KOVR/KMAX In Sacramento Names Pete Saiers VP And News Director

“He embodies the caliber of leadership and industry expertise we sought for this pivotal role,” said Deborah Collura, president and general manager of CBS Sacramento.

KTSF San Francisco Seeks Asian Viewers In Sacramento


CA Congessman Sues Stations Over Spot

Angry over what he calls a misleading political ad, Rep. Jeff Denham (R) filed a defamation suit against Sacramento television stations and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The unusual campaign-season libel suit came after Democrats and the TV stations declined to pull a 30-second spot.

DMA 20

SureWest Sets Retrans Deal In Sacramento

SureWest Communications Inc . was able to negotiate new contracts with broadcasters without having to pull any stations from its lineup. The current fee SureWest passes on for broadcast fees is $2.27 per month. The company is still running numbers to see whether a change in the broadcast fee will be needed.


Sacramento Sounds Its Digital Voice

Surrounded by the flashier digital markets of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, digital players in California’s state capital have made a splash with innovative hyperlocal and social efforts.

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KOVR Sacramento Anchor Brandi Hitt Leaving