How The Auction Could Affect One Market

Here are three scenarios for how the FCC’s game-changing TV spectrum auction could play out in one market, San Antonio, Texas: Its impact on viewership, ad spending, ad rates and cord-cutting.


Political Has Been Big Deal In San Antonio

San Antonio has seen a huge amount of political spending so far this year, though the bulk of it was spent in the spring during primary season. San Antonio is healthy heading into the fall with TV spending flat to last year, driven by categories including auto, schools and telecom. Inventory will tighten as the November elections approach, though buyers don’t think it will be

DMA 36

TWC To Launch 24-Hour News In San Antonio

The cable system already has a 24-hour news channel in Austin, TWC News on Channel 8, which was initiated 15 years ago. Time Warner Cable is mum on details of the new channel: “We will provide more information in the near future,” said Melissa Sorola, director of public relations for Time Warner-Texas.

DMA 36

Aereo To Launch In San Antonio On Feb. 19

More than 2.2 million consumers in Greater San Antonio will have access to the streaming antenna/DVR technologythat allows them  to record and watch live television online. Aereo is now available in 12 U.S. markets.

DMAS 26, 32, 35 & 36

Aereo Adds Four Markets To Launch List

Next up on the streaming provider’s list is Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis and San Antonio. An actual launch date hasn’t been set, but the company is hoping to go live in those cities by year’s end.


San Antonio: NBA Team Spurs TV Spending

The San Antonio Spurs aren’t a national TV draw, but the team’s games are very popular in their home city, which has contributed to a healthy local media market so far in 2013. TV spending in San Antonio is up 7% year-to-year, with pricing flat to up 5% versus a year ago. Buyers are eager to get their clients on Spurs games with the squad back in the NBA Finals for the first time since 2007.

DMA 37

KCWX San Antonio Automates With NVerzion

DMA 37

KABB News Director Koelfgen Dies At 53

Greg Koelfgen, news director of Sinclair’s San Antonio, Texas, Fox affiliate, who helped bring a youthful, conversational style of news delivery to the market, died Monday.

DMA 37

Indie KVAW San Antonio Sold For $475,000

NRT Communications Group is purchasing independent KVAW San Antonio (DMA 37) from the estate of Joseph Zavaletta for $475,000, according to an FCC filing seeking approval of the deal. NRT is owned by Susanna Guillen (80%) and Rolando Treveno (20%) who have no other U.S. broadcast interests.

DMA 37

KCWX San Antonio Automates With NVerzion

Corridor TV’s CW affiliate KCWX San Antonio, Texas (DMA 37), has implemented an NVerzion system to provide automated playout from the station’s HD and SD video servers. The NVerzion system, which was installed by KCWX engineers, automates control of four 360 Systems video servers (two HD and two SD systems), a Miranda NVision routing system, […]