Analyst: TVs Relegated To 2nd-Screen Status

Smartphones and tablets have traditionally been the extra screen in second-screen viewing scenarios but some analysts are now saying TV is playing second fiddle to smaller displays. Citing the most recent Nielsen data, Barclays noted that people aged 18-34 in the U.S. spend more time on smartphones than watching TV. Across all U.S. adults, the gap between time spent on smartphones versus TV is shrinking, too, with the average person spending more than 2.5 hours every day on smartphones versus 4.9 hours on TV, the firm wrote in a research note.


Problem With Nielsen Numbers: Distractions

Distracted viewing is a topic of fervent discussion among media people, who worry over whether their clients’ ads are being seen by viewers who are texting on their phones, checking Facebook on their tablets, and live-tweeting shows, all while simultaneously watching television. A study commissioned by the Council for Research Excellence finds second screens are a significant source of distraction. Howard Shimmel, chair of the CRE’s Neurometrics Committee, talks about what prompted the study, whether buyers should be concerned about the accuracy of ratings, and what the next phase of the study will bring.


FCC Ponders Extending EAS To 2nd Screens

At its Open Meeting scheduled for next Thursday, May 21, the FCC will consider extending emergency information accessibility rules to “second screen” devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. Such a change could have far-reaching implications for both MVPDs and device manufacturers.

Most Second-Screeners Don’t Follow TV, Ads

Most second-screen ad activity is still unrelated to primary TV program/advertising content. Currently, just 11% of multiscreen users proactively use a digital device to follow up on a TV ad, according to Millward Brown, the advertising research agency. Millward Brown says that overall, 35% of all screen time involves simultaneous usage of TV and a digital device.

NBC O&Os Launch 2nd Screen Emmy Game

To gear up for the 66th Primtetime Emmy Awards, which takes place on Monday, Aug. 25, NBC’s Owned Stations division has launched the second screen companion game, Emmys Ballot Challenge on its stations’ websites.

Digital Devices Drive New TV Viewing Habits

In Connected Life, a study of more than 55,000 internet users worldwide, TNS found that almost half of people (48%) who watch TV in the evening simultaneously engage in other digital activities, such as using social media, checking their emails or shopping online. The survey found ownership of about four digital devices each, rising to five among Australian, German and U.K. respondents. This, combined with demand for TV and video content on-the-go, is fuelling the rise of multiscreening or “screen-stacking” — the use of multiple digital devices at the same time.

56% Of U.S. Millennials Use Tablet With TV

According to the new Connected TV App Discovery Report from NPD Connected Intelligence, while watching TV, 56% of U.S. tablet owners ages 18-34 use their tablet for activities related to the TV program they are watching or for other programming-related activities. This compares to just 41% among all tablet owners 18 and older.


Behind The Use Of Second Screens With TV

Media multi-tasking is certainly nothing new, but second screens have taken that multi-tasking to new heights. Nearly half of viewers are using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, while watching television, according to a new report from CivicScience. Jennifer Sikora, VP of marketing at CivicScience, talks about who’s using second screens, why they’re doing it, and how this can impact advertisers.


How Second Screens Are Ruining Television

Deloitte: TV Time On Other Devices Rises

Deloitte’s new Digital Democracy Survey finds that teens and young 20-somethings spend more time watching movies and television shows on their computers, smartphones and tablets than they do on their TV screens.


Second Thoughts On TV’s Second Screens

Frazier Moore: “I find TV shows fall into two categories: Some — like Scandal, Game of Thrones or a sprightly comedy or probing documentary — deserve my full concentration. Other shows, the sort that fit the classic description of TV as “chewing gum for the mind,” I greet as a chance to zone out. In the former category, the second screen becomes an unwanted distraction. In the latter case, I just want to veg. To gaze, not engage.”

2014 CES

Second Screens Can Drive Viewers To TV

Second screens — little screens to some — are getting major attention from consumers. But consumer discovery of TV-video content, as well as giving brands strong media performance, is still a challenge.

CNN’s Estenson Not A Fan Of The 2nd Screen General Manager Kenneth “KC” Estenson is bullish about the future, but he has a big problem with one part of the media options today: the “second screen,” in which a device like a phone or tablet augments people’s TV-watching activity on the big screen. “In general, I think the second-screen experiences suck,” Estenson says.

WashPo Debuts Chromecast Integration

The Washington Post introduced its Chromecast integration today, becoming the first news organization to allow users to access their content through the growing second-screen device. The Post announced the Chromecast move over the summer as part of its PostTV video push

What Does ‘Watching TV’ Even Mean Today?

Research firm eMarketer says that for the first time we are devoting more attention each day to smartphones, computers and tablets. All of which points to a big question: What counts as TV-watching today?

Social Networks In Battle For Second Screen

Facebook and Twitter are vying to become the nation’s digital water cooler as they woo networks and advertisers.

Five Second-Screen Plays For Super Sunday

From social media to interactive smartphone and tablet apps, second screen is expected to play a big role for the biggest game of the year — not just for viewers, but also for the content providers. Here’s a rundown of the top second-screen experiences to watch and enjoy.

Netflix, YouTube Team On 2nd-Screen Effort

Netflix and YouTube have teamed up to launch DIAL, an open protocol that helps developers of second-screen apps to discover and launch applications on smart TVs and connected devices, and they’ve already secured support from key consumer electronics makers and content platforms.

ABC News Goes For 2nd-Screen Inauguration

Viewers will be able to go to or the ABC News iPad app and choose from various live streams, from correspondents around the country to man-on-the-street reporting from the National Mall. Those live streams will also be available on (a partner of ABC News) and YouTube.

Multiplatform Viewing Highest Among 18-24s

According to Nielsen’s Cross Platform Report, 18-24-year-olds watch nearly an hour and a half of video on the Internet each week, the most of all demographic groups. Nielsen reported nearly half of these viewers grab their smartphones at least once a day while watching TV.

CES 2013

Second Screen Is Key To ‘Future Of TV’

The topic was supposed to be “The Future of Television” at a Thursday panel, but if this discussion is any indication, the future of TV is all about the second screen.

ConnecTV, Station Groups Roll Out Ad Net

ConnecTV and a consortium of TV station groups — including Belo Corp., Cox Media Group, E.W. Scripps, Gannett Broadcasting and Hearst Television — are launching a new type of advertising network that will enable brands to enhance their television commercials by delivering a second-screen experience to smartphones and tablets.

CES 2013

4K, Second Screens Center Stage At CES

As the annual Consumer Electronics Show gets underway in Las Vegas, the focus is on big screens with ultra-high resolution as well as the growing adoption of tablets as viewing options.

CBS Expands Shows Available On iPad App

Super Bowl 2nd Screen Ads Nearly Sold Out

The Super Bowl is being streamed live online for only the second time. plans to add social elements and new camera angles to entice even people watching on traditional TV.

What Viggle-GetGlue Means For 2nd-Screen Battle