NAB Show: Evertz To Highlight New Features For Its Software Defined Video Networking Solution

At NAB Show in Las Vegas (April 14-17), Evertz (Booth SU2027) will show the latest updates to its Software Defined Video Networking (SDVN) solution, which is helping the broadcast industry […]

NAB 2024: Macnica Bringing New SmartNIC Solution For IP Product Developers

Macnica’s latest contribution to SMPTE ST 2110 tech takes another step forward with the release of the MEP100, a new 100Gb SmartNIC solution targeted for hardware and software product developers […]

Is SMPTE ST 2110 The Future Of Your Facility?

Manufacturers increase their IP offerings; big facilities climb aboard. Pictured: Pac-12 control room in San Francisco, built by Advanced Systems Group.

Quicklink Announces SMPTE ST 2110 Support Across Product Line

Quicklink, providers of remote production solutions, has announced support for SMPTE ST 2110 within Quicklink ST250, Quicklink ST150, Quicklink Studio Servers (ST100, ST102, ST208, ST200), Quicklink Cre8 STS410, and Quicklink […]

NAB Show: Macnica To Weave Diverse Pathways To Standards-Based Interoperability

Macnica Technology is coming to NAB Show 2023 next month (April 16-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center) with two specific missions: to communicate the expanded integration and use case […]

SMPTE ST 2110: A Vibrant Six-Year-Old

Since the first document release in 2017, the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards for video transport over IP networks has made major inroads in the market for professional video and audio production gear. By removing the highly-compressed, unreliable stigma created by early IP streaming technologies (looking at you, Flash), ST 2110 enabled bit-perfect production systems to be built using widely-available Ethernet networking gear. So how has this critical standard impacted broadcasters?

NAB Show NY: FOR-A Offers Complete SMPTE ST 2110-Based Solution

As part of the company’s commitment to the needs of broadcasters, FOR-A will showcase a full line up that support the SMPTE ST 2110 standard at the upcoming 2022 NAB Show New […]


TVN Tech | 2020 Vision: IP, Cloud, 3.0, 5G Come Into Focus

Next year should see broadcasters making advances in the continuing move to IP, greater use of cloud platforms and significant progress for two new wireless technologies: ATSC 3.0 and the various 5G services being rolled out by wireless carriers. Above, a Sony camcorder and prototype 5G transmitter were used to test camera backhauls over Verizon’s 5G network during a recent NBC NFL broadcast.

SMPTE Publishes ST 2110 IP Standards

SMPTE today announced the publication of the first standards within SMPTE ST 2110, Professional Media Over Managed IP Networks. SMPTE ST 2110 is a new standards suite that specifies the […]


IP Bandwidth Crunch Calls For Compression

As the broadcast industry coalesces around the new SMPTE standards for managing media over IP networks, there is still one piece missing: a compression standard to conserve bandwidth.

SMPTE Approves ST 2110 Standards

SMPTE has approved the first standards within ST 2110. The new standards suite specifies the carriage, synchronization, and description of separate elementary essence streams over professional internet protocol (IP) networks in real-time for the purposes of live production, playout and other media applications.


Evertz, Panasonic Conduct SMPTE ST 2110 Tests


AIMS Members To Back SMPTE ST 2110 With Intros