Viacom, CBS Stock Gets Battered

Shares in Viacom and CBS both declined more than 8% Wednesday as investors absorbed the details of the companies’ long-awaited merger during a broader stock market retreat. CBS stock closed at $44.62, 8% lower, and Viacom at $26.72, down 8.5%.


Traditional Media Stocks Underperform In ’17

The Dow Jones Industrial Index added a massive 24.7%, but the Dow Jones U.S. Broadcasting & Entertainment index market grew only 7.8%. So-called FANG stocks — big digital media companies including Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google — posted eye-opening 50% improvements.

Wall St. Likes: Disney And Fox Shares Rise

Wall Street signaled its approval of the massive Disney-21st Century Fox transaction, sending shares in Disney up 3% and Fox’s up nearly 7% Thursday.

Netflix Stock Gives Amazon Run For Its Money

It has been a wild, rocky ride, but Netflix, which ended its 15th year as a public company on Monday, is pacing ahead of Amazon as a dream investment. Since ending its first day of trading in 2002 at an adjusted $1.20 per share, Netflix stock has gained 12,997% to close Monday at $157.16.


Leverage Worries Batter TV Groups Stock

Stock prices of six publicly-traded TV station groups had a rocky first half due to concerns over leverage as well as political, automotive and overall sustainability of the television business model. The companies bounced back a bit in the second quarter, but were still well below where they were on Jan. 1. Analysts, however, see signs for optimism.

Brexit Reaction: U.K. Media Stocks Crash

U.K. media stocks crashed Friday morning in the wake of the shocking Brexit victory in the EU referendum. Shares in pan-Euro pay TV giant Sky were down almost 8% by noon, while ITV was down by almost 19%. The stock market woes extended to Europe as well, with French media titan Vivendi down 6% by noon London time and Italy’s Mediaset down more than 8%.


Local TV Stocks Climb 185% Through 3Q ’13

A new state-of-the-industry report says retransmission consent rate agreements and digital offerings are generating substantial cash flows and boosting investor confidence in station groups.


Stocks Nudge Up After Weak Jobs Report

Thursday’s stellar stock market gains were followed by a lackluster rise Friday, largely due to a disappointing jobs report from the federal government.

Stocks Rise On Oracle Earnings, Higher GDP

The Dow rose 50.03 points, or 0.4%, to close at 12,220.59. It gained 362 points for the week, the most since a 512-point jump during the week ending July 9. The S&P 500 rose 4.14, or 0.3% to 1,313.80. The Nasdaq rose 6.64 points, or 0.2%, to 2,743.06. All three stock indexes gained more than 2% for the week, helping them erase losses following the March 11 earthquake that hit Japan.

Stocks Rise On Strong Earnings

Earnings growth has been strong across U.S. companies, which have benefited from higher revenue overseas. The government also said fewer people applied for unemployment benefits last week, evidence that layoffs are slowing.