Tucker Carlson’s Weekly TV Ratings Rise Despite Boycotts

Fox News And Carlson Strike Back At Watchdog

Fox News and Tucker Carlson don’t want to talk about what Tucker Carlson said. They want to talk about his accuser, the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters for America.

Carlson Comments Signal Brawl For Advertisers

The liberal advocacy group Media Matters for America this week released two batches of recordings Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson made as a guest on a radio show where he made denigrating remarks about race and gender. It was timed to coincide with Fox’s first-ever sales meeting with advertisers on Wednesday. Media Matters says it wants to pressure Fox into better behavior by making advertisers aware of what is being said on the air. Carlson says critics want to shut Fox down.

Media Matters Chief’s Controversial Comments Unearthed After Tucker Carlson Reporting

Fox News, After Rebuking Jeanine Pirro, Faces Another Uproar Over Tucker Carlson


Tucker Carlson Is Another Victim Of The Leftist Mob

“Carlson’s comments could have been brought up when he was an employee of other networks, but they weren’t,” argues Tim Young.

Tucker Carlson Says Fox News Supports Him

Tucker Carlson says he has the full support of his employer, Fox News, even as the progressive advocacy group Media Matters for America on Monday spotlighted a new trove of offensive remarks he made on years-ago radio shows.

Tucker Carlson Foregoes ‘Contrition’ After Years-Old Audio Surfaces

FNC’s Tucker Carlson Interview Roger Stone

Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson will present an interview with Roger Stone on Tucker Carlson Tonight Friday evening, Jan 25. During the interview, Stone will react to his indictment as part of the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.


Some Advertisers Leave Carlson Show

Some advertisers say they are leaving conservative host Tucker Carlson’s show following his remarks referring to immigrants as “the world’s poor.” It’s the latest example of sponsors leaving a Fox News Channel show after controversy, but experts say the flap is likely to blow over.