Tucker Carlson To Produce Content For Fox Nation Streaming Service

Tucker Carlson Sponsors Face New Boycott Calls

Sponsors for Tucker Carlson Tonight faced renewed calls for boycotts Thursday after Carlson falsely claimed Wednesday night that George Floyd, a Black man who was killed by police in Minneapolis last summer, died of a drug overdose. The claim Carlson shared on Fox News Wednesday has been debunked and it earned him significant ire as a result.

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Tucker Carlson Responds To WaPo Column On Fox News

Fox News Makes History In 2020 Cable News Ratings

Tucker Carlson Reassures Fox News Viewers That He’s Not Going Anywhere

Tucker Carlson Drew 7.5M Viewers On Tuesday

Tucker Carlson Leads Fox News To Highest-Rated Month In History

Fox News Wins Lawsuit Over Tucker Carlson’s ‘Extortion’ Analogy

FNC’s Carlson Takes Heat For Kenosha Remarks

Tucker Carlson is being criticized for suggesting that no one should be surprised by the killing of two demonstrators during social unrest in Kenosha, Wis.

Different View Of Dems On Fox News Primetime

Fox News is providing an hour of convention news coverage each night, the same as broadcast networks ABC, CBS and NBC. But as cable rivals CNN and MSNBC devote three hours in primetime to the convention — including showing the Democrats’ feed virtually uninterrupted — Fox will not dislodge its biggest opinion stars: Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Mispronounces Kamala Harris’ Name, Scoffs When Corrected: ‘So What?’

Fox’s Hannity, Carlson And Fired Henry In Lawsuit

Fox News Channel stars Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Howard Kurtz were accused of sexual harassment by a frequent on-air guest in a lawsuit filed Monday that the network called frivolous and untrue. In the same case, a former Fox employee said she was harassed and raped by news anchor Ed Henry, who was fired July 1 shortly after the network became aware of the accusations.

Carlson Denounces Ex-Writer And Critics

Carlson, who said the online commentary by Blake Neff had no connection to his show, said he would be taking the rest of the week off to go trout fishing after criticizing “ghouls now beating their chests in triumph” following Neff’s resignation.

Fox News ‘Strongly Condemns’ Behavior Of Former Tucker Carlson Writer

Top Writer For Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Resigns Amid Allegations Of Racist, Sexist Posts


Carlson’s Insults To Senator Are Sadly Predictable

Margaret Sullivan: “For those who haven’t completely lost their ability to be appalled, Tucker Carlson’s smears this week of Illinois senator Tammy Duckworth can fairly be described as shocking. Carlson, who has never served in the military, called this veteran, who lost both of her legs fighting in the Iraq War, a fraud, a vandal and — maybe most remarkably — a coward.”

Carlson Criticized For Saying Dems Hate America

The host of Tucker Carlson Tonight is drawing heat for a sharp commentary that said Democrats should be disqualified from running the country because they despise it. The Biden campaign accused Carlson of using “hate speech masquerading as journalism.”

Tucker Carlson 2024? The GOP Is Buzzing

The Fox News host’s ratings have gone gangbusters, and many Republicans think he’d be a force in a Republican primary.

Fox News Argues Viewers Don’t Assume Tucker Carlson Reports Facts

FNC’s Carlson: Trump Too Lenient On Protests

In a rare challenge to President Trump on primetime Fox News, the host Tucker Carlson expressed dismay on Monday at the president’s handling of demonstrations against racism and police brutality around the country — urging Mr. Trump to be more harsh, not less, in cracking down on protesters.


Commendable Action From Tucker Carlson

Margaret Sullivan: “We live in stupid, scary times. And nothing illustrates this more vividly than one bizarre development among many others: That a Fox News host managed to get the president of the United States to take the coronavirus seriously when legions of public health experts around the world — and in his own administration — could not.”

Did Carlson Play Role In Calming Iran Pressure?

From his primetime perch on the top-rated cable network, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson has advocated restraint in dealing with Iran, and resisted cheerleading the Trump-ordered drone killing of Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani.

Tucker Carlson Dissents As Right-Wing Media Weighs Trump’s Iran Strike

FNC Sued Over Carlson’s ‘Extortion’ Analogy

Karen McDougal is suing Fox News for slander after Tucker Carlson invoked her situation in an effort to play down Donald Trump’s Ukraine troubles.

Trump’s Firewall Holds On Fox News Primetime

Tuesday night in primetime, Tucker Carlson referenced “impeachment insanity.” Sean Hannity said the president’s opponents are involved in “insane, obsessive, compulsive, psychotic witch hunts.” A guest on Laura Ingraham’s show called the whistleblower who reported on Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian leader a suicide bomber. Those three hosts reach an estimated 3 million to 4 million people each weeknight — the most-watched lineup on cable television — with a full-throated defense of the president as Democrats in the House pursue an impeachment inquiry.

As Tucker Carlson Returns, Does It Really Matter If Advertisers Stay Away?

Tucker Carlson Loses More Advertisers

Carlson Goes On Vacation As ‘Hoax’ Criticism Mounts

Fox’s Carlson Calls White Supremacy ‘A Hoax’

Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson On Tuesday dismissed the concept of white supremacy as a serious problem for the country. “The combined membership of every white supremacist organization — would they be able to fit into a college football stadium?” Carlson said. “I mean, seriously. This is a country where the average person is getting poorer, where the suicide rate is spiking.”

Tucker Carlson’s Weekly TV Ratings Rise Despite Boycotts

Fox News And Carlson Strike Back At Watchdog

Fox News and Tucker Carlson don’t want to talk about what Tucker Carlson said. They want to talk about his accuser, the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters for America.

Carlson Comments Signal Brawl For Advertisers

The liberal advocacy group Media Matters for America this week released two batches of recordings Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson made as a guest on a radio show where he made denigrating remarks about race and gender. It was timed to coincide with Fox’s first-ever sales meeting with advertisers on Wednesday. Media Matters says it wants to pressure Fox into better behavior by making advertisers aware of what is being said on the air. Carlson says critics want to shut Fox down.

Media Matters Chief’s Controversial Comments Unearthed After Tucker Carlson Reporting

Fox News, After Rebuking Jeanine Pirro, Faces Another Uproar Over Tucker Carlson


Tucker Carlson Is Another Victim Of The Leftist Mob

“Carlson’s comments could have been brought up when he was an employee of other networks, but they weren’t,” argues Tim Young.

Tucker Carlson Says Fox News Supports Him

Tucker Carlson says he has the full support of his employer, Fox News, even as the progressive advocacy group Media Matters for America on Monday spotlighted a new trove of offensive remarks he made on years-ago radio shows.

Tucker Carlson Foregoes ‘Contrition’ After Years-Old Audio Surfaces

FNC’s Tucker Carlson Interview Roger Stone

Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson will present an interview with Roger Stone on Tucker Carlson Tonight Friday evening, Jan 25. During the interview, Stone will react to his indictment as part of the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.


Some Advertisers Leave Carlson Show

Some advertisers say they are leaving conservative host Tucker Carlson’s show following his remarks referring to immigrants as “the world’s poor.” It’s the latest example of sponsors leaving a Fox News Channel show after controversy, but experts say the flap is likely to blow over.