Fox News Tops August Nielsen Numbers

Fox News again topped the monthly ratings, as The Five topped in total viewers and Tucker Carlson Tonight won the 25-54 demo. The network saw a 4% rise in total day viewership, while it said that its late night show Gutfeld! saw its highest rated month since its April, 2021 launch, with 2.19 million viewers.

Hannity, Carlson Among Fox Stars Being Deposed In Dominion Lawsuit

A number of top Fox News hosts and staffers are among the individuals who are slated to be deposed as part of Dominion Voting Systems’ ongoing defamation lawsuit against the cable giant.

Tucker Carlson Defends His Commentary On Race In Fiery Interview

Fox News host Tucker Carlson swatted away suggested ties to white supremacist ideology when pressed about the rhetoric on his nightly show during a tense interview at an event on Thursday. “I’ve never had a white supremacist work for me. I don’t think I’ve ever talked to a white supremacist,” Carlson said during event hosted by Semafor, a new media company founded by journalist Ben Smith and media executive Justin Smith. “I’m not sure what that means. I know it’s a slur and the worst thing that a person can be. I don’t really understand the terms.”


A Racist Theory May Have Driven Buffalo’s Tragedy. The Murdochs Thrive On It

The demented ideology flows from many sources. One of them is Fox News.

What To Know About Tucker Carlson’s Rise

A New York Times examination of the host’s career and singular influence at Fox News shows how his trajectory traces the transformation of American conservatism itself.

How Russia And Right-Wing Americans Converged On War In Ukraine

Some conservatives have echoed the Kremlin’s misleading claims about the war and vice versa, giving each other’s assertions a sheen of credibility.


After His Defense Of Putin, Fox News Should Say ‘Do Svidaniya’ To Tucker Carlson

Margaret Sullivan: His ugly defense of Vladimir Putin should be seen in the light of his employer’s argument that no one should take him seriously.


Tucker Carlson Goes It Alone On Putin

As Vladimir Putin commenced his slow-walking invasion of Ukraine under the guise of recognizing the “independence“ of Donetsk and Luhansk, only one major media commentator provided intellectual cover for the Russian leader’s adventure: Fox News Channel’s preeminent star, Tucker Carlson.

Tucker Carlson Extends His Influence On GOP

Fox News host Tucker Carlson isn’t the most powerful conservative in the country. That label still has to be applied to former President Trump, who continues to influence the GOP at nearly every level of government as he considers a bid for reelection in 2024. Yet with Trump banned from major social media platforms, Carlson, the top-rated host on Fox, is increasingly seen as a kind of kingmaker within the GOP. And ambitious Republicans looking to climb toward the White House have shown a willingness to bow to him in order to win favor with his audience.

Tucker Carlson Praises Kyle Rittenhouse As A ‘Sweet Kid’ In Sympathetic Interview

Two Fox News Contributors Quit, Citing Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 Series

Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg, two longtime conservative commentators on Fox News, said that they are quitting the network, concluding that “the voices of the responsible are being drowned out by the irresponsible.” They specifically cited Tucker Carlson’s three-part documentary Patriot Purge, which ran on Fox Nation, which they said was “a collection of incoherent conspiracy-mongering, riddled with factual inaccuracies, half-truths, deceptive imagery, and damning omissions. And its message is clear: The U.S. government is targeting patriotic Americans in the same manner — and with the same tools — that it used to target al Qaeda.”

ADL Urges Fox Corp. Not To Air Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 Series

Tucker Carlson Makes The 2021 Time100 List

Tucker Carlson Admits He Sometimes Lies On His Show

NSA Watchdog To Review Carlson’s Spying Claims

WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Security Agency’s internal watchdog said Tuesday it would investigate allegations that the agency “improperly targeted the communications of a member of the U.S. news media” following Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s claims that the NSA tried to shut down his show. The announcement puts the NSA’s inspector general at the […]

Seth MacFarlane Gripes About ‘Family Guy’ Airing On Fox

Seth MacFarlane once again took extreme displeasure in comments made by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, another episode in a long saga between the Family Guy creator and Fox News corporate sibling Fox Entertainment, which airs his long-running animated series Family Guy.

How Tucker Carlson Became The Voice Of White Grievance

With the defeat of former president Donald Trump and the death of Rush Limbaugh, the Fox News host has emerged as a dominant force shaping a Republican Party energized by racial resentment.


Despite Outbreaks Among Unvaccinated, Fox News Hosts Smear Shots

Months after Rupert Murdoch got a Covid-19 dose, one of his network’s stars, Tucker Carlson, called a Biden vaccination proposal “the greatest scandal in my lifetime.”

Tucker Carlson Claims NSA Leaked His Private Emails To Journalists

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday claimed the National Security Agency leaked some of his private emails to journalists. Carlson made the allegation during a Wednesday morning appearance on Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria.

National Security Agency Dismisses Tucker Carlson Surveillance Claims

Tucker Carlson Says NSA Is Spying On Him

The Tucker Carlson Tonight host said during his Fox News show Monday that he’s convinced that President Joe Biden’s administration is using the National Security Agency to monitor his digital communications and follow his every move. This suspicion is fueled by an anonymous source, who claims to have access to the NSA.

Media Twitter Blows Up Over Ben Smith’s Outing Tucker Carlson As A Source

Tucker Carlson Calls Journalists ‘Animals.’ He’s Also Their Best Source

His platform on Fox News made him a big player in Donald Trump’s circle. Off camera, he shapes the coverage of Trump’s world and Fox’s own internal politics.


Carlson Weaponizes The ‘Political Variety Show’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s call to harass people with masks exemplifies the danger inherent to the political variety show, a cross-bred new TV product that has moved from entertainment to action catalyst, our contributor argues.

Tucker Carlson Leads Fox News To Big Win In April Primetime Ratings


Tucker Carlson’s Rhetoric Is Dangerous. That Seems Just Fine With Fox News

He and his guests questioned the fairness of the Chauvin verdict shortly after it came in. That irresponsibility seems OK with his bosses.

Tucker Carlson Villainizes Journalists. Then The Threats Pour In

As the Fox host’s popularity grows, he has found fodder in lesser-known media figures whom he presents as symbols of liberalism-run-amok.

Fox News Stands Behind Tucker Carlson After ADL Urges Firing

In a letter sent Sunday to the Anti-Defamation League civil rights group and shared with The Associated Press, Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch said Carlson had “decried and rejected replacement theory” when he said during a Thursday evening segment, “White replacement theory? No, no, this is a voting rights question.” The ADL argued in a reply sent Monday to Murdoch that Carlson used white-supremacist language even if he claimed he didn’t.

Pentagon Accuses Tucker Carlson Of Demeaning Military

The Pentagon said Fox News host Tucker Carlson “essentially demeaned the entire U.S. military” with a segment that decried increasing numbers of female service members and suggested they were weakening the U.S. armed forces.

Tucker Carlson Keeps Attacking NYT Reporter

Fox News host Tucker Carlson devoted a lengthy portion of his show Tuesday night to attacking New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz over her accounts of facing online harassment, claiming that in fact she has “one of the best lives in the country.” After both she and the newspaper spoke out, with the Times calling his segment “calculated and cruel,” he returned to the airwaves on Wednesday to continue lambasting Lorenz. He labeled her a “deeply unhappy narcissist,” denied that she faces online abuse and allowed a guest to baselessly accuse her of “harassing kids and teenagers.”

Tucker Carlson To Produce Content For Fox Nation Streaming Service

Tucker Carlson Sponsors Face New Boycott Calls

Sponsors for Tucker Carlson Tonight faced renewed calls for boycotts Thursday after Carlson falsely claimed Wednesday night that George Floyd, a Black man who was killed by police in Minneapolis last summer, died of a drug overdose. The claim Carlson shared on Fox News Wednesday has been debunked and it earned him significant ire as a result.

Rachel Maddow, Tucker Carlson, Chris Cuomo Are Most-Watched Cable News Hosts In January

Tucker Carlson Responds To WaPo Column On Fox News

Fox News Makes History In 2020 Cable News Ratings

Tucker Carlson Reassures Fox News Viewers That He’s Not Going Anywhere

Tucker Carlson Drew 7.5M Viewers On Tuesday

Tucker Carlson Leads Fox News To Highest-Rated Month In History

Fox News Wins Lawsuit Over Tucker Carlson’s ‘Extortion’ Analogy

FNC’s Carlson Takes Heat For Kenosha Remarks

Tucker Carlson is being criticized for suggesting that no one should be surprised by the killing of two demonstrators during social unrest in Kenosha, Wis.