Broadpeak Launches S4Streaming

Broadpeak, a provider of content delivery network (CDN) and video streaming solutions for content providers and pay TV operators worldwide, introduced S4Streaming, a technology that gives video service providers more control over streaming quality and bandwidth usage. Through a combination of server-side technologies, S4Streaming assesses and selects the appropriate quality for video streaming, ultimately reducing […]

Broadpeak Joins ETSI, Strengthens Involvement In 3GPP Development

Broadpeak, a provider of content delivery network (CDN) and video streaming solutions for content providers and pay TV operators worldwide, is now a member of ETSI, a leading standardization organization for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) standards fulfilling European and global market needs. By joining ETSI, Broadpeak said it will “play an important role in […]


On The NAB Exhibit Floor: Rushworks

Rushworks | Booth SL-11216 |  Rushworks provides low-cost, high-performance television production, automation and video streaming solutions. These scalable and extensible solutions integrate networked video and graphics servers and encoders with “powerfully simple” automation software. A-LIST Streamster — Recognizing the dramatic increase in demand for OTT content management and distribution, Rushworks has created an “IP […]


On The IBC Exhibit Floor: Broadpeak

Broadpeak | Stand 5.C72 | Website:  Key Technology Demos: nanoCDN Multicast ABR Solution — Multicast ABR technology is now being adopted by the industry. Stop by the Broadpeak booth to see its benefits in action from the first technology provider with a working ABR multicast solution, launched in 2012. Broadpeak’s nanoCDN multicast ABR solution has […]

Video Streamer Tout Raises $26M In Funding Round

CNN Embraces Autoplay, Tweaks Video Playbook

CNN Reports 212 Million Video Streams In June

CBS News Streaming Service Imminent

After months of preparations, CBS News is widely expected to launch CBSN, a new always-on “feed” distributed via broadband, part of an effort by CBS Corp. to burnish the work of its venerable news unit without having to build out the old-school infrastructure, like a cable network, that would have been de rigeur in a different era.

Verizon, Redbox To End Video Streaming

Unable to make headway in competing against Netflix, Verizon Communications and Outerwall’s Redbox unit said Saturday they will shut down their streaming-media joint venture, Redbox Instant, early this week.


WWE Net Is Loud Introduction To Streaming

World Wrestling Entertainment has positioned itself on the cutting edge of Internet television with its new subscription-only streaming video service.

Netflix Wants Stronger Web Traffic Rules

In a blog post, Netflix’s Reed Hastings called for rules that would prevent ISPs from extracting a toll to deliver shows such as House of Cards over their networks. In doing so, Hastings staked out a position that could save the world’s largest subscription-video service millions of dollars a year in fees it recently agreed to pay.

OTT Is Young Viewers’ Biggest Video Source

A study shows more than 50% of U.S. broadband households now use paid OTT video services, either subscription or transactional. The research firm Parks Associates also notes 37% of consumers 18-24 say online video is their most important video source.

Amazon: Video-Streaming Device in April

Amazon will begin shipping its long-awaited video-streaming device in early April, through its website as well as retailers including Best Buy and Staples, said people familiar with the company’s plans. The Amazon device will carry a variety of apps available on Roku and Apple set-top boxes and run on a version of Google Android software, like Amazon’s tablet computers, these people said. Roku’s most popular apps include video services Netflix and Hulu Plus and music service Pandora as well as Amazon’s own video-streaming service.

Adobe, MS’s Azure Back NBC Sochi Stream

Adobe will use Microsoft’s Windows Azure Media Services to power all of the encoding and streaming for NBC’s Winter Olympics coverage. NBC will employ Adobe’s Primetime platform for video and video ad delivery on the NBC Sports website and the NBC Sports Live Extra App for iOS and Android.

Fox Sports App To Stream Super Bowl Live

Users of the Fox Sports Go app will have access to English and Spanish feeds of Feb. 2’s Super Bowl XLVIII. The event will be Fox Sports’ first live stream of the Super Bowl.

Warner Bros Gets Streaming Deal WIth LOVEFiLM

NBC Buys Stringwire To Stream Phone Video

NBC News plans to announce today that it’s buying Stringwire, an early stage Web service that will let the news division stream live video straight to its control rooms in New York from the cellphones of witnesses of news.


Telco Clears Rights For Live Streams Via Roku

Canby Telcom will launch its new EZVideo Pay TV Lite service in Portland that will deliver eight live, linear streams from seven stations to subscribers’ Roku OTT devices. The service has permission from all the stations involved and they will receive retrans payments.


Fox Unveils Streaming Plan to Affiliates

The Fox TV Network unveiled a TV everywhere plan to its affiliates Tuesday that will allow them to stream network content, in addition to their local content, through a dedicated Fox app and on the Web.



Looks Like Screen Size Doesn’t Really Matter

When it comes to watching entertainment programming, it turns out size doesn’t matter as much as people previously thought (or hoped). According to a new study conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey, consumers are using their tablets and smartphones to stream video programming at an increasing rate, and they’re doing it in their homes, where televisions are available.


Less Is Plenty For ENG Over Broadband

One of the biggest myths is that broadcasters need a lot of bandwidth to import good video from the field via the cell networks. It isn’t true. One modem and 500 kpbs will do the job. And many broadcasters don’t realize that the more modems you stream with, the higher your on-air latency. 

Apple TV Slims Down For Video Streaming