KIII GM Robbins Announces Retirement Plans

After more than 40 years in broadcasting, Dan Robbins will step down as head of Tegna’s ABC affiliate in Corpus Christi, Texas, at the end of the year.

Tegna-owned ABC affiliate KIII Corpus Christi, Texas (DMA 127) said today that Dan Robbins, its president and general manager, will retire at the end of the year. He has been at the helm of the station since January 2012.

Robbins has more than 40 years in broadcasting, which includes four years as group vice president and general manager of radio stations, 30 years as a television general manager, two years as a television regional vice president as well as a former television station owner.

He has also received excellence awards for serving a multitude of communities. He has been influential in helping raise millions of dollars for a variety of national, state and local civic organizations.

“I’m reminded of what a good friend of mine said about retirement: “He’s not retiring, he’s going to ‘rewire,’ ” said Robbins. “I am looking forward to many productive years, living life to its fullest. My family is my life and I’m looking forward to spending more time with my wife, Gina, our eight beautiful grandchildren and three grown children.”

Robbins has helped keep the 3News brand in front as the news leader and has lead his team through ownership changes, adjustments and natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey in 2017. “Viewership of KIII 3News coverage of the storm proved to be a testament to the station’s mantra of ‘People You Know and Trust’ as the social responsibility of keeping the public informed was most important,” said Robbins.

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