Station Trading Roundup: 1 Deal, $925 Million

The purchase of Quincy Media by Gray Television tops the latest list of TV station transactions submitted to the FCC for its approval, according to BIA Advisory Services.

Multistate Deal — PRICE: $925,000,000 BUYER: Gray Television Inc (Hilton Howell Jr (chairman/CEO) SELLER: Quincy Media Inc (Ralph Oakley (president/CEO) COMMENT: Gray Television Inc is acquiring Quincy Media for $925M. Included in the sale are radio properties WGEM-AM, WGEM-FM, W255CY-FX Quincy, IL and all of Quincy’s TV properties, some of which Gray will divest in markets where Gray already owns full-power TV stations. Excluded are their Newspaper Properties which will be divested prior to the Gray/Quincy closing.

Arizona: KVOA-TV Tucson FACILITIES: DTV Ch. 23, 405.000 kW, ant. 3,685 ft. AFFILIATION: NBC

Illinois: WSIL-TV Harrisburg, WEEK-TV Peoria, WGEM-TV Quincy, WREX-TV Rockford FACILITIES: WSIL-TV: DTV Ch. 34, 1,000.000 kW, ant. 955 ft.; WEEK-TV: DTV Ch. 25, 246.000 kW, ant. 694 ft.; WGEM-TV: DTV Ch. 10,  39.100 kW, ant. 781 ft.; WREX-TV: DTV Ch. 13, 30.000 kW, ant. 709 ft. AFFILIATIONS: WSIL-TV: ABC; WEEK-TV: NBC; WGEM-TV: NBC; WREX-TV: NBC

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Indiana: WSJV-TV Elkhart, WPTA-TV, WISE-TV Fort Wayne FACILITIES: WSJV-TV: DTV Ch. 30, 258.000 kW, ant. 1,091 ft.; WPTA-TV: DTV Ch. 24, 444.000 kW, ant. 750 ft.; WISE-TV: DTV Ch. 34, 456.000 kW, ant. 750 ft. AFFILIATIONS: WSJV-TV: H&I; WPTA-TV: ABC; WISE-TV: CW

Iowa: KWWL-TV Waterloo, KTIV-TV Sioux City FACILITIES: KWWL-TV: DTV Ch. 7, 49.000 kW, ant. 1,972 ft.; KITV-TV: DTV Ch. 20, 41.100 kW, ant.177 ft AFFILIATIONS: KWWL-TV: NBC; KITV-TV: ABC

Minnesota: KDLH-TV Duluth, KRII-TV Chisholm, KTTC-TV Rochester FACILITIES: KDLH-TV: DTV Ch. 33, 381.000 kW, ant. 1,018 ft.; KRII-TV: DTV Ch. 11, 63.000 kW, ant. 658 ft.; KTTC-TV: DTV Ch. 10, 80.000 kW, ant. 1,250 ft. AFFILIATIONS: KDLH-TV: CW+; KRII-TV: NBC; KTTC-TV: NBC


Missouri: KPOB-TV Poplar Bluff FACILITIES: DTV Ch. 15, 34.500 kW, ant. 604 ft. AFFILIATION: ABC

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New York: WBNG-TV Binghamton FACILITIES: DTV Ch. 8, 23.800 kW, ant. 1,226 ft. AFFILIATION: CBS

Wisconsin: WQOW-TV Eau Claire, WYOW-TV Eagle River, WMOW-TV Crandon, WXOW-TV La Crosse, WKOW-TV Madison, KBJR-TV Superior, WAOW-TV Wausau FACILITIES: WQOW-TV: DTV Ch. 25, 253.000 kW, ant. 919 ft.; WYOW-TV: DTV Ch. 28, 70.000 kW, ant. 535 ft.; WMOW-TV: DTV Ch. 13, 3.200 kW, ant. 390 ft.; WXOW-TV: DTV Ch. 28, 251.000 kW, ant. 1,142 ft.; WKOW-TV: DTV Ch. 26, 800.000 kW, ant. 1,493 ft.; KBJR-TV: DTV Ch. 19, 384.000 kW, ant. 1,018 ft.; WAOW-TV: DTV Ch. 9, 100.000 kW, ant. 1,207 ft. AFFILIATIONS: WQOW-TV: ABC; WYOW-TV: ABC; WMOW-TV: CW; WXOW-TV: ABC: WKOW-TV: ABC: KBJR-TV: NBC: WAOW-TV: ABC

West Virginia: WVVA-TV Beckley FACILITIES: DTV Ch. 17, 700.000 kW, ant. 1,214 ft. AFFILIATION: NBC

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