How TV Programmers Can Learn From Social Media Stars At Programming Everywhere

Social media stars who’ve parlayed content niches into massive, cross-platform audiences will share their unique approaches to content creation in a panel at TVNewsCheck’s Programming Everywhere conference at the NAB Show on April 14. Register here.

While TV audiences have struggled to find — and hold — younger viewers, a new generation of content creators has done an end run around the industry, going directly to viewers with compelling DIY content and winning loyal audiences.

A panel of such successful content creators will share how they came to their respective, diverse niches and built them into thriving, lucrative social channels in a panel, Social Media Stars on Growing Niches Into Audiences, at TVNewsCheck’s Programming Everywhere conference at the NAB Show on April 14.

Jackyln Dallas, host and creator, NothingButTech; Quinn Nelson, host and creator, Snazzy Labs; Juliana Broste, host and creator, Traveling Jules; and Sean Sotaridona, host and creator, Sean Does Magic, will join Michael Depp, chief content officer, NewsCheckMedia and editor, TVNewsCheck, for the 2 p.m. discussion, which will feature video highlights from each of the creators’ work.

“In a hyper-fragmented media environment where everyone is worried about the future, a meeting of social content creators and TV programming leaders is long overdue,” Depp said. “This session is critical to lending fresh eyes to programmers nervous about getting out of their lane. For social creators, conventional lanes don’t exist anymore, and they’ve proven that by going directly to audiences with authentic, compelling content that has clearly connected with millions of viewers and rewarded the creators with lucrative careers.

“Of our entire program day, this might be the most potent session in terms of getting jumpstarted out of moribund thinking,” he continued. “These creators work to a high standard of production and editing quality, they do so with the most skeletal of teams and they bring a fresh, energetic approach to their presentation and aesthetics. Just as important, they’re curious about the collaborative potential with TV.”

Programming Everywhere convenes programming executives, leaders in news, digital and streaming, technologists, talent and content creators from across multiple media to catalyze new thinking for TV’s future. Other panels include:


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AIMTV says:

April 10, 2024 at 10:15 am

This is a genius idea and precisely what syndication needs to hear. We MUST think outside of the box and beyond simply throwing more spaghetti against the wall (much of it unwatchable and full of too many commercials) and praying something sticks.