Tegna, Law&Crime Productions And Cineflix Rights To Produce True Crime And Investigative Originals

Tegna Inc. today announced a multi-year partnership with Law&Crime Productions, a production company founded by Dan Abrams, and Cineflix Rights, the UK’s largest independent TV content distributor, to co-produce original docuseries leveraging Tegna stations’ library of true crime and investigative content for a worldwide market. Tegna’s Vault Studios, Law&Crime Productions and Cineflix Rights will launch the partnership with the production of 50 hour-long episodes, starting with the new series Cult Justice.

“The partnership with Law&Crime and Cineflix Rights solidifies Tegna’s position as a player in original true crime programming,” said Brian Weiss, Tegna vice president, entertainment programming and multicast networks. “Along with the success of True Crime Network, the growth of Vault Studios, and treasure trove of stories in our expansive content library, this deal reinforces our role as a future leader in the unscripted entertainment content space.”

“Law&Crime’s team of experienced legal and crime producers is excited to take a deep dive into Tegna’s extensive and unique library of true crime and investigative footage,” said Rachel Stockman, president of Law&Crime Productions. “We are thrilled to partner with Tegna and Cineflix Rights in this first of its kind deal that gives us access to thousands of impactful stories in markets all around America.”

“We are delighted to be able to build on our strong global partnership established with Tegna and Law&Crime over two seasons of the global hit series Killer Cases and look forward to bringing their exciting new crime and investigative content to our global buyers,” said Richard Life, head of acquisitions at Cineflix Rights, which will act as the exclusive global distributor for the new series produced by Law&Crime Productions.

Ten-episode series Cult Justice examines the allure and power of cults. Every episode will tell the story of how law enforcement sought justice against different cult leaders through narratives from the survivors and police, accompanied by rare photos and videos. Sample episodes are “ripped-from-the-headlines,” such as the NXIVM sex cult and The Family, a present-day iteration of the well-known Children of God cult.

Cult Justice will be led by executive producers, showrunners and Emmy- and Peabody award-winning journalists Brian Ross and Rhonda Schwartz, who will also lead all 50 true crime episodes. Abrams, Stockman, John Ford, head of programming for Tegna’s Quest and True Crime Network, and Felicia Litovitz, vice president, acquisitions, North America for Cineflix Rights, will also serve as executive producers on the shows.


Tegna’s Vault Studios and Law&Crime Productions also intend to collaborate on the production of a podcast series based on Killer Cases, which airs on A&E and True Crime Network, further expanding the series’ multi-platform presence.

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