Edgio Partners With Wurl To Introduce FAST Syndication For Channels And Platforms

Edgio, a platform provider offering a “developer-friendly, globally scaled edge network,” announced a partnership with Wurl, a provider of data-driven solutions for connected TV (CTV), to offer global FAST syndication via Edgio’s Uplynk service.

With FAST Syndication powered by Wurl, Edgio customers can generate linear channels using Uplynk’s scheduler UI or APIs and effortlessly distribute them through Wurl. By offering this service via Uplynk, users will also benefit from Edgio’s scalable workflows, top-tier broadcast features, and industry-leading expert services, the company said.

The FAST market has witnessed exponential growth in recent years, as TV operators continue to secure rapid consumer uptake. In fact, research firm, Omdia, predicts that the market will nearly triple by 2027. In this era where channel lineup real estate on FAST platforms is at a premium, the pursuit of quality content is also on the rise. Yet, delivering premium streaming experiences is a formidable challenge, especially when integrating with third-party platforms. “With Uplynk’s best-in-class components, companies can now deliver exceptional viewing quality and reliability to a global network of FAST channels,” it said.

Eric Black, Edgio CTO and GM for media, said: “Media companies need to find the right mix of distribution strategies to retain and grow subscribers while maximizing ad revenues. However, delivering high-quality content to viewers across different subscription types, viewing formats, and digital platforms causes huge complexity. This partnership underscores our commitment to enabling the delivery of high-quality content while simplifying the streaming workflow, and we’re thrilled to be working together with Wurl to make that a reality.”

“Together, Edgio and Wurl offer FAST channels and platforms the ability to bring their content to more viewers globally,” said Craig Heiting, Wurl head of corporate strategy. “As the largest FAST channel network, Wurl in partnership with Edgio’s Uplynk service brings a powerful solution to the FAST industry.”

Through this partnership, Edgio customers will also have access to Wurl’s AdPool product, providing advanced CTV ad monetization and management. Uplynk’s FAST Syndication will be available in Q1 of 2024.


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