IABM Announces BaM Awards Winners At IBC

The winners of IABM’s BaM Awards were announced at IABM’s BaM Awards reception on Sept. 16 at IBC 2023. The BaM Awards celebrate outstanding technological innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits. The winners, across nine categories described by the BaM Content Chain, as well as a tenth category recognizing an outstanding project, collaboration, event or other innovation, were selected from an initial 150-plus entries.

The judging was carried out by a panel of 40 non-affiliated, expert judges, each with specialist expertise in one or more of the awards categories. Final selections were made after visits by the judges to view the shortlisted entries on the applicants’ stands at IBC.

Stan Moote, CTO at IABM, who chaired the judging panel said: “With AI and 5G prominent among the winning entries, this IBC edition of the BaM Awards very much reflects the latest developments in our industry. As our Connect segment winner indicates though, hardware still has an important role to play. The quality of entries for this edition of the BaM Awards has been simply outstanding — just being shortlisted can provide a real sales boost; as one of the judges said to me, ‘there are some really exceptional innovations in there, and I’ve added a few vendors to my IBC visit plan.’”

The winners are listed below by category, with the judges’ comments appended.


Verizon Business Group – 5G Edge Editor


“This brings 5G links into the remote content creation process; looks like a great collaboration… This could have many applications for remote working too.”


Adobe – Adobe Premiere Pro Text-Based Editing

“Potentially a game changer – taking the burden off editors earlier in the production cycle not only makes the process more efficient but it also makes good business sense. This is a win-win… Truly revolutionary; great use of AI – well done, Adobe!”


Newsbridge  Newsbridge MXT-1 Generative AI Indexing Technology

“The intelligent context description feature combined with ability to contextually link various pieces of content in multiple languages is groundbreaking. Could save significant effort, time, and money.”


MainStreaming – Carbon Neutral Intelligent Media Delivery Platform

“Future of sustainable streaming. Jury is out for high quality customer experience for high tier content globally… if achievable, then bingo!… New technology approach towards energy efficiency; apply real-time analytics/intelligent software to achieve carbon neutral goal.”


MEDIAGENIX – Ratings Artist

“This is a great product leveraging AI/ML to make informed decisions about content and use data-driven insights to power both consumer engagement and monetization.” 


TeraVolt, a Qvest Company – TVXRAY the Gen-Z Upgrade to Broadcasting

“Very interesting. Targeted use of SaaS to solve one particular problem in today’s world of multiplicity of sporting content. Well done… An excellent way for linear broadcasting to engage with younger audiences.”


NEP Group – 5G MT-UHD MiniTx

“The use of 5G transformed the way the United Kingdom’s King’s Coronation was filmed. The smaller these devices become the more locations they can be used in.”


Studio Network Solutions (SNS) – EVO Cloud

“Bringing a complete workflow solution for media production teams for collaborating remotely.”


TAG Video Systems – TAG Content Matching Technology

“A great way to track content across all platforms… This should prove to be a very valuable tool for large content distributors.”

Project, collaboration, event or other innovation

nanocosmos – Real-time Streaming for New Interactive Applications

“It is clear that nanoStream Cloud has demonstrated innovation and adaptability in live streaming.”

The IBC2023 BaM Awards winners are automatically shortlisted for IABM’s Peter Wayne Golden BaM Award, with the winner announced in London at the IABM Annual BaM Live event on Dec. 7.

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